Can you explain to me why "The Empress" keeps showing up "please and thanks:)".

  • Namaste,

    For the past two months I keep getting the Empress, now i am not a tarot reader,but i want to learn:)

    my understanding is she is a Earth mother,Goddess of fertility,"can mean pregnancy," which I'm not!!!!!!!!!! lol.

    she could be symbolic of marriage could represent a new female friend that could be coming into my life

    That I am discontented because something is missing or lacking in my life, or because I want to find something creative, meaningful or fulfilling to do, but I don't know what.(that rings true for me)

    Is there any thing else this could mean...i realize she is part of a whole reading, i get that part...i guess what i am asking is why she keeps coming up.

    Love and Light


  • Hi Sheila,

    As you point out yourself, it's difficult to interpret without the context but, if she pops up a lot in all kinds of reading it could be something less specific, ie. not pregnancy or marriage but becoming aware of your feminine power for instance.

    You probably already know that it's a very very good card, representing abundance in the material sense as well. Is there any new project that you're thinking about starting that your mind is buzzing about and is full of ideas for?

    Not sure if any of above helps but this card definitely represents something very positive coming your way!

    Love and blessings xx

  • Hey Shee,

    The "light" side of the Empress is motherhood, nurturing, abundance, creativity, productive action, fruitfulness, material comfort, a beautiful home, sensuality or physical love and affection, and the passage of one stage of growth to another. This card is about reaping your harvest, but suggests that you are in a "gestation" period at the moment and patience is required.

    The "shadow" side of the Empress is being overly nurturing or smothering, not giving persons or situations the time and space to grow, stagnation, blocked development or refusal to grow, undeveloped creativity, excessive preoccupation with material comfort, financial hardship, physical discomfort, wasted energy and neglecting the wisdom of the heart.

    Take notice of where it is showing up. Is it often in a position to reflect you? Or does it show up as the situation or final outcome? Or is it a card giving you advice?



  • Thanks helbells and WG,

    I am quite attached to this card maybe thats why she keeps popping up:)

    love and light


  • Hey Shee,

    I ran across something the other day and it made me think of you and this thread in particular...

    The Empress can signify CLAIRSENTIENCE.

    Maybe you were being encouraged to notice/accept or deepen your gift...

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