Advice needed...

  • Hello 🙂

    I'm just looking for some thoughts on a reading I did recently.

    It was the cross spread and I asked what was going to happen between me and my best friend/ex boyfriend (we broke up in september but were still seeing each other until recently).

    This is the response:

    Two of wands, seven of wands, eight of swords, ace of cups, seven of cups and finally page of cups

    Thoughts? Personally, I think the page of cups strongly represents my ex-bf, but I could be misreading.

    Thankyou for any input you can give!


  • You are waiting (2 of wands) and sticking your ground hoping that things work out (7 of wands). However, you yourself are victimizing yourself by doing this (8 of swords) and fantasizing (7 of cups) and hoping (page of cups) about getting back, when you should actually be putting this relationship behind you (since there is no future) and looking ahead towards a new relationship in the near future (ace of cups)

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