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  • Hi All,

    Recently, I received some awesome advice regarding my fiancée and his situation. For months, I was asking for insight about his actions, why he did the things he does, etc. I apologize for being so obsessed with this. As I know many of you were probably tired of hearing about it. Then someone told me that I can’t own his actions or his mistakes. His mistakes are his and he has to pay the price for them. This advice hit home with me. Possibly combined with the fact that I am just tired of him and his drama. I feel liberated and want to make changes. I just want to live my life now to find my own happiness and to see my children happy. I have been considering a couple changes. I was thinking of either going back to school and/or changing jobs. Do you think that will happen? What direction do you think I should take? I feel that I need to make changes to be more fiscally sound because I know that I cannot depend upon him for any support, emotional, financial or otherwise.

    Any insight into my changing situation is greatly appreciated.


    Chellyc71 (luvslife)

  • Hello Chellyc71

    Your situation will improve when you follow your heart about what it is you want to do career wise. Are you thinking of entering the medical field? It will be a tough course and you must give it your all if you are heading in this direction. I feel success for you because now you have the inner spark needed to achive what you set out to do. Changeing jobs may be a bit hard to do right now, you can try as many are doing at this time, and you just may be luckey and get to move a step up the ladder by September. I hear a John and Jerry clearly here that will be of help to you along your journey.

    Don't give up on love , as this last man was a teacher for you. You learned what you needed from him and will not allow yourself that kind of lesson again. I see you happy and smiling in the fall on more levels than one.

    Best Wishes


  • Shuabby,

    I have been thinking about going to get an Bachelor of Science in Nursing. I currently work in the Pharmaceutical industry and I like my job but I feel stuck in this position. I also have considered going to get a masters degree in Business Administration with a medical emphasis. I don't think tht I know a John or Jerry currently. Do you think this is someone I already know? I am glad to know that these difficult and anxiety ridden times are passing by. I have been wishing for happiness for me and my family for a long time.



  • Chellyc71

    I don't think tht I know a John or Jerry currently. Do you think this is someone I already know?

    You do not know them now, they are coming in around you and you will know them within the next six months or sooner. The happiness that you desire is just around the corner is what I get from spirit . The fall will find you in a much better place mentally as you will be moving forward in career and feeling so much better about life in general , that you will also be attracting men that will be of help to you and also fullfill your inner needs.


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