Captain, i'd love to have your advice on a reading please

  • Captain, could you please tell me what you think about this match. Thank you, I would really appreciate your time.

    1st Dec 1988

    26th July 1990

  • Communication between you is usually swift and direct. Both for yourselves and for others, this relationship can be extremely demanding, putting a particular stress on getting the job done as well as possible. Each partner brings out the other's perfectionist side. You are both normally impulsive as individuals but here the relationship's wisdom kicks in, creating a feeling that things must be planned before being attempted. The slogan in this respect might well be a familiar rule of carpentry: "Measure twice, cut once." Both of you are fire signs, but your relationship is ruled by air, emphasizing mental concentration and willpower. Traditional astrology would predict a comfortable connection between you; but this fiery relationship can be fiercely competitive too.

    A passionate love affair is not uncommon in this combination. In bed, things can get pretty wild, but: molten feelings can burn out over time. Sag's hair-trigger temper and Leo's blockbuster energies can also collide and cause blowups. When things turn cold between you, you may continue as friends at a lower emotional level. If you make it as far as marriage, your honor and honesty will stand you in good stead, but you can make excessive demands on your children and other family members. Learning to make fewer demands and lowering your perfectionist expectations will be essential if you are to maintain a modicum of domestic tranquillity.

    This can be a classic friendship. Warmth and understanding are present between you two as friends — at least when you are getting along. But competition over career matters, shared objects, money or a host of other concerns can disrupt harmony at any point, turning the relationship into a clash of wills.

    If you two can even out your feelings, relax more, seek moderation in daily life, and beware of burnout and overload, this relationship will do well. If not, it will be very difficult indeed.

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