Healing and new beginnings

  • On Friday morning I got a phone call from one of my cousins saying that she needed to leave her husband because he was becoming more abusive. Her situation was not getting better. It was getting worse. She was explaining that her husband was not going to the domestic violence classes that he was court-ordered to do and he was threatening to hurt her and hurt himself and her child. She was so eager to leave that she was ready to go stay with a family she hardly knew. I advised her not to do that and told her to use the women's resources in her city for right now so she could have a place to stay while she sorts things out.

    But I also told my spouse about the situation and he told me she could take the train and come to stay with us for a little while and since I had his permission I went ahead and invited her. So since I spoke to her last she went to a hotel room for the weekend while she is waiting to get into the local shelter. Before she leaves the the city she is in she plans to sell her car. She called me to tell me that she was safe and waiting to go to this shelter on Monday, but she expressed concern about going to the shelter because the last time she went to the shelter she thought the other women in the shelter were mean to her. When I heard her message I became worried because I know she has trouble in social situations because she has social phobias. To confirm that she is headed the right dirrection I did a card reading. The "healing" card came up along with "new beginnings" also I pulled a "playfullness" card and "children" (So I feel that it will be good for my daughter and her daughter to have a playmate because they are the same age) so I felt that that we did the right thing to invite her to our home. Later on I pulled a card for myself and the "abundance" card came up, along with "answered prayer." After the reading I felt peace about inviting her because I realized it will be good for the kids and everyone in the household and I realized that there was a lot of good that could come from having company and she will be able to heal here and even move forward. Thanks for listening!

  • Being with family, no matter how distant, will give her a sense of belonging - something she has not had for a long while by the sounds of her situation. The support you will offer her will give her the strength to continue on with her life, minus her violent husband.

  • Its nice to see someone has replied. My cousin and her daughter are coming tomorrow night. Yes this time period will be significant for them. I know my cousin will remember this time peroid forever, but her daughter may not because she is only three. I hope to be a good hostess and show off my favorite parts of the city. It can be fun just to go to a new place and a new beginning really is exciting.

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