Can 1 reading apply to 2 situations?

  • Before I begin, I just ask in advance that you not judge or condem me.

    I have been unhappily married for several years. We've been working on the relationship but it just doesn't seem to be improving. At this point I believe separation/divorce is in the new future.

    About 18 months ago I began an affair with a man for whom I have very strong feelings.

    Here's my question: I just did a Relationship Celtic Cross reading asking for clarity about my mariage. The cards seem to contradict themselves and it seemed as if some of the cards spoke to my marriage and others to my affair. Is this possible?

    Note: I've had several readings (Tarot, astrological, numerology, psychic) over the past 3 years and all seem to confirm that my marriage is headed for divorce.


  • No judging, just wishing you and your husband the best of luck in finding love as you move on and away from each other. For your reading, did the cards you felt pertained to your husband fall in the positions for your past, or situation, or foundation?

  • Thanks. My foundation card was the four of Wands, which seems to speak to relationships with friends/others but not romantic relationships. And now that I go back and look at the reading I'm even more confused. My Higher Power was The Lovers which definately supports remaining in my marriage. My Love Challenge card is Death, which has appeared in A LOT of my readings, but is it relating to my marriage or my affair? My significant Other is the Queen of Swords & suggests a separation to regain my bearings but again, my marriage or my affair? I'm sure this is obvious but I've not really studied the Tarot so rely on the interpretation given to me... maybe some study would help. Thanks again.

  • I am by no means an expert with reading cards...I still need to check the minor cards meanings, so take this with a grain of salt 😉

    Lovers is pertaining to making a choice between 2 paths. Death (one of my favs) is about transformation...needing to let the old die off for the new to grow.

    I would suggest taking some quiet time away from everyone (perhaps the Queen of Swords?) and just examine your feelings for both men. If you stayed married, do you see a future you could be happy with, or just one that you'll settle for? If you divorce, but then the boyfriend walks away, would you still be relieved that you were divorced or would you try and go back and fix things? I's hard trying to get your heart and head on the same team...believe me, I've been in your spot!

    Take care ~*~

  • Good advice from Lioness. I would amplify that while the readings are very helpful I have found it important to meditate on how they resonate with me and my particular situation. Be still and make the choice that is right for you. Wishing the highest good for all involved.

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