Pisces Man feels so right, then so wrong

  • I have been dating a Pisces man for 2 months now (known him for 8 months) and he really gets under my skin...in good ways and not so good ways. When we spend time together (2-3 nights a week & usually Sundays) he is with me, all of him. He is so focused and our chemistry is amazing, mentally and physically. But the days he is not around, he just isnt there. Space?

    I have no idea about his fidelity although he has told me that he is not going to see anyone else and only wants to be with me. He has "joked" about what will happen when we live together, etc....I fall over head over heals with his words, but deep down, after the butterflies settle, I find I have trouble believing his words. My past experiences could be a big part of this.

    Can you please give me some advise on our charts. Me born 09-04-1969 (Camden NJ USA) and him born 02-21-1970 (Christchurch NZ)

  • hello VirgoVexed,

    I'm afraid I can't tell you anything about your natal charts, but I did want to stop by and let you know that Pisces and Virgo are opposite signs of the zodiac. Everything that you're experiencing is perfectly normal and part of the chemistry or bond that exists between you. Trust that you get under his skin in equally good and bad ways!

    Communication is paramount in this relationship, otherwise the bad will just overtake the good. I do feel that you especially need to open up and really talk to him about your fears.

    His "joking" is his way of opening up to you. He's not just telling you what you want to hear, he wants them as well. Do be wary with his "joking" however, as on the negative side he can use it to manipulate you. The challenge for you is to see the truth that is weaved into his "joking" without letting your fears cloud the situation.

    I know this is easier said than done, but believe in yourself, because you can do it.

    Love & light,


  • Thank you for your understanding comment PisceanHealer.

    I am sure I do get under his skin too! Never really thought of that ...

    Communication is a dark cloud lingering over me, when something bothers me I close up, fall silent and want to be left alone instead of burdening him or anyone else with my worries. Just how I feel. And he will phone and ask me whats wrong when I go "silent", like he knows something is amiss, so I might be a cause here for his retraction when we are not together. Something I know I must work on. I dont want to lose him, he really does light up my life!

  • VirgoVexed Pisces man have good intuition hence he knows when you are not fine.

    Be glad that your pisces opens up, the biggest problem I have with my pisces is that he bottles up and then when he bursts he swims away.

  • Pisceans are also prone to closing up, falling silent, and just wanting to be left alone because we feel we are burdening others. CancerDiva is right, you are lucky to have found one that can open up to you.

    Your lack of communication is most definitely coming between you. It will drive the two of you apart if you don't learn to open up. You have a chance to grow VirgoVexed, seize the opportunity before it's gone.

    Love & light to you,


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