You don't derserve to be loved?

  • I was recently on a website and this guy posted a video on how he doesn't deserve to be loved. It was the most idiotic thing EVER. Everyone deserves to be loved in every single way. It could be romantic love, friendly/family love, or parental love. Everyone deserves to be loved in some way.

    He said he will never ever have a relationship because they always end badly. But it seems like he forgot the feelings that he had BEFORE they broke up. What about he feeling of being in love? Isn't that one of the best feelings in the world? (I've never been in a relationship so I wouldn't know). It seems as though he forgot about that and focused on the negative. You have to risk things sometimes.

    People forget that life is about risks, big or small. Every day that you live, is another day that you risk something. You have got to live though because we don't know what happens after death. At least make the life that you are currently living count.

    I'm a big advocate of falling in love. I find love to be a very beautiful thing. Everyone should experience love. And though sometimes it might not be true, "True love conquers all."

    Just a little thought.

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