Pieces of Pisces: Poems and Prose

  • A mile a minute his mind is going, isn,t life funny

    I bet everyone wants my love,

    Well the jokes on them with a mirage of hope

    Cause I just don,t really care

    The only thing that matters is that its still there

    Protected like babies in the womb.

    I Laugh at life and flirt with death.

    With animals and insects

    Birds and trees surrounding me

    I pacify my love for nature ,beer in hand.

    No troubles here ,

    I left them all in the deadness of my mind

    I re-invented myself to laugh at life

    and flirt with death.

    I wrote this as I observed the millionaire man in my life who is so lost and sad.

    Leonida Would love an opinion.. thank you

  • Tonight the rain is easy and soft

    And I can only hear your thunder and anger,unjustified

    I am sick of it for sure

    you lured me there ,now all is calm, and what of it .

    I sit here not laughing not crying .

    Guess what!

    I have chores to do and no longer want

    To be with you.

    Or him or anyone,

    I am done

    Without words you know what I am saying.

  • wow Leonida, sounds like you are ready for a change in your life!

    Sorry guys! I stepped away for a while. Moved to a village without alot of those modern conveniences we've grown to adore. Like home mail delivery, cable T.V., among other things. Also I had to change my handle due to the change in Internet services. but i suppose that wasn't too much of a stretch to figure out.

    Seems Y'all have been slacking while i was away!!!


  • Hello Krazkatie, most of what I write is not really about me it is about what I observe in others, and then I try to interpret it, but yes I am trying to change things in my life. Well I love all the poetry here some very talented people with strong emotions don,t you think. well any how at least you made a comment...... thank you ........... Leonida

  • Hi again Leonida, I understand what you mean. A lot of what I write is observation too. Then again some is personal, and some is simply creative writing. When my family was alive I found myself explaining to them the difference. My mom would gasp and say " That didn't happen!" or "I most certainly did not!" or something like that. I wonder how they would have really felt if they had known for sure which was which.

  • Ok, a pathetic but" hey! I'm still standing", attempt...

    Maybe start a trend! Lol!

    What about Haiku?

    You see, my muse has left me...

    I promised a poem.

    Ah, well. I know...Haikus. One form IS 5-7-5, is it not?

    I hope so, or then it's truly bad form too!!!

    Love to All, c'mon Pisces and All Humanoids and whatever!!!

    More poetry!!!!!!!

    Lisa XXXXXXXX 🙂


  • (Deep thoughts)

    From one to three

    No memory.

    What registered there

    And caused the beginning of me.

    There is no password

    To that site,

    Just spending a life time trying,

    To make it right....................................Leonida

  • Loved you once

    Loved u twice

    Something about u, gets to me every time

    Perhaps your smile, bright and wide

    Ur eyes, penetrating and deep with emotion

    I wonder if u see the way i look at you

    I cant keep my eyes off u

    Maybe im hypnotized

    or possibly mesmerized

    If i love u a 3rd time....

    i mite loose ,my mind

    But i wouldnt mind, cuz i think i already have


  • It rained a little bit today --

    I thought of you.

    We got rained on a lot --

    I always think of you.

    You gave my life a little rain -- But we never fell down.

    Riding on through it all --

    I thought we always would.

    Rain hurts, hail hurts

    Bugs and rocks hurt too

    But we never fell down.

    It's lonely here without you --

    I wish I would have, I knew I should have.

    Always together --

    Did everything -- together

    Except you forgot me --

    The day you fell down.

  • And thank you Pisces 3571. It actually took me a long time to write "Spirit Catcher". It was difficult separating me from her so it would flow sans our ego

  • Dear kZk,

    I'm now crying after reading your newest piece of Pisces...


  • Wait, I didn't write a swear word at the very end!?!

    It was only 3 x's for love!!! It is a 4 letter word, but...?

    Oh well...still teary eyed.

  • Pisces piggy..great I can realyte to that! I live on a hill and I have golden hair too.

  • Swim or sink,..............................my Pisces Poem

    Family troubles, contstant heartbreak,

    high expectations but never a break,

    I watch the sea from dusk till day break,

    I like who I am because i'm not fake..

    Favourite song on my mobile rings,

    obvious guess it's a close friend,

    cast my problems aside amonst the shifting tide,

    to hear and merely emathize with a friend so in need of light.

    Reassurance and help is there,

    to be kind and care for my friend who is in despair,

    not returned, my pain sinks behind the changing tides of a lonely life,

    A shoulder to rest a weary head,

    a voice of strengh, promising times ahead,

    A sweet serenity of unloaded pain rested upon a pisces brain.

    my heart feels so compassionate but blue,

    my pain your pain, id rather help you.

  • THANKS SCORE! I like to think my poems crave attention - BUT THEY THRIVE ON REACTION!! (F.Y.I. just creative writing. didn't happen).

    I do think kezza333 is writing from her young heart (with an old soul). Reminds me of my childhood. And a song by DOPE called "I Am What I Am" off their Group Therapy disk.

  • Kezza333, I am glad you like standing on thet lonely hill..

    kraZkz, the group therapy works for me

  • Hi kraZkZ! I read everyone's poems and they are all so great....you made me laughed with your Cockroach poem though...how hilarious is that??!!! lol!

    Beginning or End

    The begininng of a relationship is usually defined by euphoric and elated pleasures. Lacking a sense of psychological entropy, equilibrium!

    During the journey, you might feel like you possess geological forces, moving mountains seems undemanding, when really you are simply aspirant!

    The end of a relationship is mostly tumultuous, feeling foredoomed and abandonned. Until closure is in effect!

    The questions are: Is the beginning or end, good or bad? Do we need to end all that has been started, do we need to start anew at what has ended?

    When really there is no beginning or end.

    Love and Hate are in perfect balance like everything else that is opposite.

    To all: You have the perfect match within you, bequeath and attract!

    Lots of Love to all fellow Poets.... I'm a lonely Scorpio 🙂

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