Pieces of Pisces: Poems and Prose

  • YOU WHAT??

    I shaved my moustache as a child

    My mom went nuts - she went quite wild!

    Said i never should have done

    Not in jest and not for fun!

    Said i'd be sorry later on

    Said it'd grow back thick as the lawn.

    But Daddy shaves what's the big deal?

    Well, she was right - it stays there4 still!

    I once tried standing up to pee

    My daddy does so why not me?

    Disappointed? Yeah you bet!

    The floor beneath me got all wet!

    I never stood again to whiz

    And always sit to do my biz

    My mother never found this out --

    For this too would have made her shout.

    I know i'm not the only girl

    To give such things as this a whirl.

    I'm probably just the only one

    Admitting to these things i've done.

    Seems that even to this day

    I grasp for things the hardest way

    If there's no challenge - there's no goal

    Then life would be completely dull.

  • And once again excuse the typos! Mojo's in quite the mood lately!

  • Katie OMG!!!!!!!!??!

    I spaced and thought we were on " All Things Scorpio"!!!!

    Because "YOU WHAT" (a

    Mazing! Wow! You r good!!!)

    Yeah, the poem was very evocative. And I remembered a lot.

    The way Scorp gals envy men. For their Power, of course! Not coz we don't love womanhood, we do, but...sigh....how about " if I was a boy" by Biance?!! Great song. I suppose that's the sign of a great poem--so powerful it transports one...

    Email me !

    Lisa xxx =}

  • Night-Time

    It was exceptionally quiet in her vast bedroom,

    Magic Light, filtered by curtain, fell from the moon,

    Across the cuddly toys at the foot of the bed,

    Shush!, don't move, not even your head,

    It's mystic powers are beginning to work,

    The induced sloth of day they are staring to shirk,

    Alive at last after so very long,

    Ready to party all night with laughter and song,

    Up jumps the hefalimp amd the cuddly bear,

    The cute little mouse, all covered in hair,

    Flop eared rabbit and the small wrinkly pup,

    All off downstairs to join the fairies sup,

    Oh and a black and white panda, last but not least,

    Chasing after them, not to miss the feast,

    Traipsing out the bedroom and all down the stair,

    Quickly, silently, follow them if you dare,

    Jumping for joy, it's great to be alive,

    All thosefurry creatures, one plus five,

    Frolicking with jubiation, all over the three piece suite,

    Up onto the dining table, thats where they meet,

    To dance all night upon it's shiny top,

    Right up til dawn, when they have to stop,

    Melting away and the sun's rays appear,

    Hiding away to the shadows in fear,

    Day takes over, light begins to stream,

    Which is reality and which is the Dream?

  • Significance of Man

    What is there to worship?

    With religeon so restricted

    Confined in human Terms

    To a language so constricted

    It is so misunderstood

    Misinterpreted from Old

    That man so falsely follows

    Please remove this limiting blindfold

    Cannot he see the pettyness

    Of all this paltry war

    Bombing, Killing, Mutilating

    By the hypocritical warrior

    There is no real difference

    Mo matter what you preach

    In stead of all this hurt and stench

    To God's light you should reach

    It is Man not God

    Who causes all the pain

    For all our supposed intelligence

    We're lacking just a brain

  • I'm glad you started this chat KraZ, it's been fun reading all the talented works of those participating. I love to read poetry, words from someones thoughts. I especially enjoyed your humorous ones, they had me laughing.

  • This is getting addictive

    Seven Ages of Man








  • THANK YOU!! I'm glad this got started too! It's been the highlight of my days to check in here and see what (or who) posted new. I'm actually very green about computers and such. Never been on line or to a chat room or anything like this. I just figured that if I had stuff to share then others must as well. Seems I was correct.

    Lisa, how do I go about E-mailing you? You are very encouraging y'know!


    So, now that i'm older I've set forth my will

    Hoping my loved ones see fit to instill

    A good sense of fairness, a like sense of share

    For in it i've stated i no longer care

    I raised them with love

    And i raised them with fire

    I'm sorry to leave and i pray their desires

    Are given to both them from heaven above

    Cause all i can leave them is stuff, junk and love.

  • Hey KraZkZ,

    Green about computers and such??? Really??? You seem to be doing fairly well here...I know that you're responding to me (WinterCusp) and thank you, so much, for the compliment. It's taken quite some time to get to this place...So, can I call you...hmmm, Brand? (You know...since we're reaching for names and all...) I will be sharing some of my poems and I'm reading more of yours. I LOVE the installment above, (chuckling now..) 'INHERITANCE'! Just 'priceless'...(tee hee hee) Okay, you know what? Let's see how you handle the reply on this and we'll take it from there. If you are, who I think you are, where are you haling these days and how 'bout I email you? If it's you, I've been trying to reach you,..but then, you'd already know that, wouldn't you...hence, here we are...That would be, really would be, very nice! I'll be checking back soon....

  • Nevermind...It is you. I just got it. Last name (do you remember??), first initial at optonline.net. I REALLY look forward to hearing from you. I've been trying to reach you for months! You have SO been on my mind! Are you okay? I'm so sorry I was so stupid...I was human, I was numb, angry...(we'll talk, I hope...) Please forgive and please DO contact me...I love you, ya know. I really am so glad we're here! xoxoxo

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  • Come on Pisces! I know there's more of you out there just wanting to share a piece of your self! Everyone has something inside they wish the world could hear (read).

    A circle cannot be broken -- because it then becomes a line.

  • I just wrote my first piece of poetry for 15 years, I stopped a lot of my spiritual side for a relationship I had for 14 years. (A Taurean) I am starting to feel "Me" again. I had not even looked at my old poetry until this thread was started.

    I won't publish the new poem as it was for my Sag, but thanks KraZkZ for this one, it did bring a tear to her eye.

  • Hey there PiscesPiggy!

    Glad I could be of assistance! It's always nice to feel like one's self again after giving it all away in a relationship. Maybe that's what us Pisces do too well... Give ourselves away until there's nothing left, only to here "You're not the same person I fell in love with". And that's because we're NOT. Having give it all away there is nothing left of us to give. So we have to seek to find ourselves once again. OR IS IT JUST ME???


    I do this to me every time

    Forgetting I'm not yours -- I'm mine

    I hurt myself and make me cry

    But never stop to ask me "Why?"

    Thinking that I feel the thought

    Or think the feeling means a lot

    I try to keep hold of my soul

    But then mind-f*cking me I go

    I swear I'll keep myself in me

    If found by you -- I'll not be free

    So then a phase will come to pass

    With new beginnings -- clear as glass

    I look ahead with praying eyes

    But don't turn back --

    A reflection dies

  • Empty Void

    Full of other people

    That's my life

    imprinted, embossed

    Reflecting the world around me

    People see

    Only what they want

    I need

    just one person

    I can show who I am


    to be who I am


    to Love who I am

    All the rest

    just fades away

    a distant memory

    on the wind

    I live for you

    I love for you

    as despite myself

    you love me

    PP 09/07/09

    Hi KraZkZ,

    That is the beauty of being Pisces, one word means so much to us. I just wrote this one based on the title of yours. I love beig Pisces and living life on so many levels



  • Dear PiscesPiggy

    To see the light

    You must first experience life

    For without it's harsh realities

    How can one grow wiser

    and in gods eyes, in stature

    If one has never had to overcome

    with spirit and muscle fibre

    I can relate with this one. If you have read all of my posts on the other forum "Broken Hearted..." you will understand. Aftr the loss of my son, Chris, I battled with God over feeling like maybe he thought I was a weight lifter or something because the word says he will never put on you more than you can bare. I like this one and so many more...ya'll keep 'em coming!

  • The One Alone

    Within my heart there are a thousand mansions,

    With room enough for all cares and concerns,

    A place to give with room to enter,

    But no one knows, Who is the renter?

    But still in my heart there is an emptier,

    A place much darker and harder to find,

    Barley a shack does stand here,

    Amidst the darkness and the fear,

    Where skeletons live and trash is thrown,

    The one inside lives all alone,

    Lives alone and works the same,

    Cares after the mansions and has no name,

    But should the mansions ever fall,

    The one alone will have nothing at all.

  • WOW! SpiritoFish that is awesome! I have one similar that I wrote back in 1981.


    This mask I wear to hide the me --

    The one I don't want you to see.

    An emptiness runs deep within

    A part inside that wont begin

    To let you past my special wall --

    To let you wander in my hall.

    No, I think not -- my fortress stands

    Built from the ground with my own hands.

    I will not show to anyone --

    Those parts of me that can't be won.

    For if you grasp, my heart would break --

    Shattered, and causing me to make

    A deeper place to shelter me

    A hollow safe where I can flee.

    You'll touch me not -- you'll not come near

    This cover's one I must revere.

    So ask me not to shed my cloak

    I'll not ask you yours to revoke.

    We each have hidden halls and rooms

    To keep from our impending dooms.

    So let me dwell in what I know --

    Those places only I may go.

    This wall of brick that keeps me well,

    A safe retreat from my own hell.

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  • im really not sure who you are wintercusp. but i am quite sure your ego driven affairs are but a drop in the proverbial bucket of slop you dish out atr your whim. i sense your search for prey, and i pray you find none.

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