Pieces of Pisces: Poems and Prose

  • I know all you fishies swimming out there have lots of goodies in your archives just begging to be shared. And I'm sure the rest of us would LOVE to read some of it. So I'll dip into my pond to get the flow started.


    She catches in their waves of anguish their sorrows, fears and sins.

    They know not of her strength or madness; see not how she befriends.

    Appointments, never made , are kept - scheduled with divine care

    With secrets hidden, held so tight, they seek her out to share.

    A Spirit Catcher by design, Twisted - slightly touched

    Gathering up the ills of those who'll never know as much.

    Drawn they are as if in quest, with intent not foretold

    But moments after they converge she feels what's to unfold.

    She swiftly trades the spirits out with deepest true compassion

    But she must gain from this exchange their darkest painful passion.

    Returning to the place she dwells, remembering all their tears

    Alone she battles for her soul - she now must fight their fears.

    Wrestling within: conquests, defeats, some spirits never leave her

    And each new day her conference sought, -- yes she's the Spirit Catcher .

    Thank you in advance for your peices Pisces! Look forward to getting to know you all!!

  • Great Idea, none of mine are published and I only let a few see them but I have a whole book I wrote when I was a teenager - Angst eh.

    I feel there are quite a few people on here that would appreciate the thoughts:

    In her face the Autumn winds are blowing

    Standing upon the lonely hill

    with her golden locks aflowing

    she started to feel it's cooling chill

    Wrapping her coat once more about her

    Relaxing in it's warm embrace

    Whispered noise, she turned to face her caller

    the drifts of leaves that wind gave chase

    Autumn's here it's claws embedded

    well within the flesh of earth

    Look at the trees, summer glory shedded

    Dormant 'til the spring's new birth


  • I don't know about you but all of mine almost came fully formed into my head the moment I found a muse or a thought to build on.

  • Wow. That was great! and yes they just flow out from me when the Spirit moves. So how old were you when you started your book? Took me twenty years to gather the parts and one year to put it together. Of course as soon as the manuscript was ready to send out everyone wants computer disks. Here I am with pages to do again. O well, now i get to add more to it. more from the darkness that dwells within...

    I'd love to read more from you. Here's the first one i ever wrote down (except for the hiku in school y'know.


    Somtimes three words can hurt so much

    Not "I love you" -- for those words touch

    Not "let it be" or "let time resolve"

    Three simple words -- "Don't get involved"

    Short but sweet eh? okay your turn miss PiscesPiggy! Perhaps another will join us soon...

  • 17 through to 23 - I am 38 now

    Communicating through the eons

    Life produces life

    So the circle never ends

    The Genetic Code - DNA

    Never unbends

    Originating from just two strands

    just from following all the trends

    Think of it!

    your related to your friends

  • I love the way you hold me

    I love the way you are

    How come loving you can scar

    I never tok much notice

    of you insecurities

    I should have looked much harder

    I should have tried to please

    Instead I played the field

    for all that I was worth

    Love that never congealed

    is all I've had from birth


    But I love the way you hold me

    I love the way you are

    How come loving you can scar

    I'm the reason you can't love me

    I guess that's just the way things are

    That's how come loving you can scar

    That's how come loving you can scar

  • To see the light

    You must first experience life

    For without it's harsh realities

    How can one grow wiser

    and in gods eyes, in stature

    If one has never had to overcome

    with spirit and muscle fibre

  • When you say you love me, but so easily you leave me, I've bled tears

    When I remember yesterday and tomorrow seems ages away, I've bled tears

    When I no longer feel you, in spirit and in mind, I've bled tears

    When I wonder about us and the love you said you believed in, I've bled tears

    When all the love has been ignored, my heart bleeds

    When yet again, I, the strong woman must stand, I'll bleed strenght!

    When one day comes, you'll think of me, please bleed love!

    When you love, love all the way and not halfheartedly, bleed honesty...

    The eyes, the window to the soul, I've bled fears!

  • Well, hello ScorpWolf! glad you could join us! And in keeping with the "OUCH" theme...

    But It Wasn't Supposed To Hurt

    You asked me to want you

    You asked me to care.

    You asked me to

    love you

    (Ido) Too deeply --

    It's real -- and it's rare.

    You wanted to touch me.

    You wanted to share.

    You wanted to love me,

    (You do) too deeply --

    Too painful.

    -- Unfair.

  • Beautiful poetry ( she composes them in a few moments time ), by my recovering anorexic 15yr old daughter. She's really making great progress, she's a dynamo Pisces girl!!!!

    Anastasia writes a lot; many poems...I will share a recent piece, written for her big brother as a Graduation gift:

    " Brother "

    Taught me to read, helped me to stand

    Not once letting go of my small fragile hand

    Nudged me ahead, made me take risks

    When I'd start to cry, gave my cheek a sweet kiss

    Teased me at times, but I knew you were joking

    Saved my life in the car the time I was choking

    As we grew up, played games of pretend

    Wherever we moved, you remained my best friend

    Well would you look at the time; you'll be leaving in autumn

    Don't you doubt for a second, that in my heart, at the bottom

    Each lesson and memory lives, always there

    And that more days will come that we'll be able to share

    We grew up together, always there for each other

    My friend, my hero, my beloved big brother.

    I know, "Awwwwwwwwwwww..." right?

    She's good.

  • Meant to say to all of you Pisces Poet/esses,

    Nice. Very beautiful and haunting with all the" pieces" I've read.

    Your poetic creations all felt similiar and like my wonderful daughter's

    Poetry. She is an extremely gifted writer, in all formats. So, keep this going!

    I'm going to post more of her work. It's been blessed by her, as the works are hers.

    I am a really wordy love words and language type of girl.and I can write, in most arenas, really well. Inspired, even! But all of the Pieces of Pisces pieces really" put the hook in me!"

    Unintentional pun there!

    Keep Writing, Poets and Poetesses Pisces People!! Please?

    Lisa 🙂

  • BIG AWWWWWWW!! I wrote a coulpe for my big brother as well. Man, I miss him

    Boys Will Be Boys

    Close your eyes and open wide."

    My brother said one day outside.

    But when I did -- I felt it slide

    That big fat worm -- I couyld have died!

    He laughed out loud and so I cried

    When I told mom he said I lied

    Our mom just took it all in stride

    Guess the worm and I both had to swollow that ride.

  • Please excuse the spelling. Mojo ( my cat and friend) was helping, that's the story we like to tell.

  • Hi there, kraZkZ!


    Your big brother poem is so--so just perfect!!!!

    It's fun, and you're a gifted one, too...

    Made me all teary, that closeness is so precious.

    If this is too personal, I don't need an answer but...

    Where is your big bro now? Not too far away, I'm hoping. He sure has a wonderful sister!

    ( ooops-you are a girl, correct?!) and I'm getting the Pisces vibe from you...

    Beautiful poem, thank you for sharing it!


    Lisa ( Scorp Mom to a Fishy girl ) 🙂

  • Oh and say hello to Mojo, and thank him for his/her? help for me! My kitty, Thomas O'Malley, is a big help to me whenever I'm writing too!!! LOL!


  • Hi Lisa! My brother, Mark, died from a cancer back in '01. He was 44 years old (3 yrs. older than I). He was my best friend growing up. it was just the two of us and our folks. We were both adopted from different backgrounds and there wasn't any other family close by.

    Mojo gave you a "heads up", his way of saying "Hi back" i suppose.

    ALWAYS (for Mark)

    Always, the space in my life, that is you, has been full.

    I drew from you strength, love and will to sustain.


    Destined to be my tormentor, my captor -- my savior, my hero

    My brother -- my friend


    Never a time in my life without you.

    Never a chance you could not be found by me.

    Growing up with you I was happy and strong (even as your prisoner).

    Growing old without you ...

    The hole it leaves scares me.

    Still, always the memory of your life is intertwined with the memory of mine.

    How I am who I am is because of the who that is you.


  • I wrote a lot of poetry in my teen years, 30 plus years ago, here are a few of my favorites, the first is a Hiaku I wrote in highschool.


    The Snow Gently Falls

    Covering Like a Blanket

    Shimmering Diamonds

    The next one I wrote in the early 80's.


    The Golden Moon to Shine It's Light,

    The Twinkling Stars Up High So Bright,

    The Sunny Days to Laugh and Play

    Under Skies of Blue In May.

    The Birds That Sing Their Such A Delight

    To Watch Them Glide Across the Sky In Flight.

    The Flowers With Their Colorful Faces,

    Full of Wonder, and Elegant Graces.

    The Grass So Green and Sweet to Smell,

    All This and More I Must Tell.

    The Cool and Inviting Beauty of Water,

    Reminds me of the Love I Have For My Daughters.

    The Corn That Grows High on the Hill,

    This Is Proof Of Life So Real.

    The Red Fox Who Stands By The Country Lane,

    The Owl Who Hoots For Smaller Game.

    And Watching The Moon Glow Over The River,

    We Have All Of This and More With Thanks To Our Giver.

    The Lord God Alone Gave Us These Treasures,

    So Each of Us Everywhere Can Share In Their Pleasures.


    As the sun warmed my face this morning,

    the birds were singing their songs.

    I pulled aside the curtains poring,

    to witness the glistening dew on the lawn.

    The sky was dawning peach and rosy,

    as the wind rustled through the leaves,

    nestled inside my quilt I felt cozy,

    as I looked out over the eaves.

    I drank in a fresh sip of air,

    as the lilacs scented the breeze,

    it softly caressed my face and hair,

    as all my senses were pleased.

    Today I will work in my garden,

    the warm damp earth I will sow,

    and ask the small bugs to pardon,

    so my flowers would have a place to grow.

    Then I'll lay on the carpet of green,

    to watch fluffy clouds sail by,

    marveling in the sights I have seen,

    by the wind who is painting the sky.

    Oh Glory Be to God above,

    who made this glorious natures delight,

    so all of us will know his Love,

    When we open our hearts to these wonderful sights.

  • Dear kraZkZ,

    I'm so deeply touched by your beautiful spirit and your gifted poetry...

    I am so truly sorry about and for the loss of your beloved Mark, your one and only big brother and

    dearest friend. I will not be able to reread ALWAYS tonight...how utterly poignantly sweet, pure.

    Oh, I will look again, tomorrow...

    I am honored you shared this beautiful piece of you, written by you with true knowledge of Life's Joys and Sadness.

    Thank You, kra

    Blessings to you!


  • Hello ILOVEFISH. and thank you for sharing your poetry with us as well! My teens were thirty plus years ago as well.

    And hello to you Lisa! And thank you for your kind words about both my brother and my writing.

    Now I think I'll lighten the subject up a little...


    Snacking on a bag of chips -- A funny feeling passed my lips

    I don't think that's a chip at all -- I think it's moving, Yes, a crawl

    The cockroach with his special flavor -- one I did not wish to savor

    Too late tho, I crunched him dead -- These extra treats I don't need fed

    I spit him out, the taste was stuck -- Figures this is just my luck!

    Forever etched into my mind -- The way he squirmed, that fateful grind

    So now I ALWAYS check my sack -- To see what goodies it might pack

    Some things (I say) we're best without -- Like drinking bees from the water spout

    We all agree we'd all get by -- Never swallowing a fly

    Still, nothing else can make us gag -- Like roaches in the munchie bag!!

    Enjoy and thanks again ---Katie

  • Hey there, Katie!

    One of my fave girl names--really!

    I'm glad you chose to " lighten" things up, wise woman!

    So! I loved the "Ode to the Cockroach"!!!! I cannot resist sharing one of Anastasia's funnier poems...it's time to giggle a bit! ( she's written all kinds)

    "I'll Do It Later..."

    I've had all day at home to myself,

    and I have yet to do one single chore.

    Excuses and reasons fill up my brain...

    and my laundry remains on the floor.

    Homework and books lay out on the table...

    Oh, I'll do it later, I figure.

    But each time that I say it, it never gets done,

    And each day my "to do" list grows bigger.

    You wonder the reason I'm always late,

    Ask why I take all the time I've taken...

    It's cause I've been too busy with my very close friend-

    His name, Procrastination.

    Love it! Pisces, to me, are quite capricious! And, we know...wonderful with words.

    Thank you All for sharing! Keep em comin'!!!! I need this right now in my life...

    What a great thread!

    Lisa xxx

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