Thank you for your insight

  • I appreciate your insight watergirl18. I think I see how we are gettingd different intrepretations of card meanings. I use the the uright and reversed meanings of the cards. I use the king arthur deck and its meanings it has in the book., which are the same as the original waite deck, and the reversed meanings are the opposite/negative of the upright meaning. for example the 3 of cups being about, happiness, success, fulfillment, etc..and the reversed is self indulgence,over indulgence, cheating,third parties, etc... and the knight of cups upright being the most positive attributes of the character and the reversed being the player,liar,cassanova etc.. I also look up general meanings off internet, books, in combination wit the book I have with my deck. So when I go to do a reading, i already have this in mind when im laying out the cards. So my question is this, Which meanings do i go with then? I have been using my system for years and its kinda become 2nd nature to interpret the cards this way.

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