The Fool's start with tarot.

  • So here goes! I am new to tarot reading, and i recently acquired "The Complete Tarot Kit" with a Rider Waite, and Crowley Thoth deck inside, also it has a book writen by Susan Levitt inside to teach you how to read tarot cards.

    This brings me to my first question, Has anyone read this book, or heard of the author? I just wanna know if this is a good way to learn or not.

    Anyways, i finished the book and decided i should do a few readings, just to see and get a feel for it. So far, i have come to find that most of the things i divine are spot on, even though i am new to this and have no idea what i am doing half the time. I did a few simple Past present future three card spreads, the past and present made sense, and the future came to pass as i had imagined thanks to the cards. So this brings me to question two 😛

    What were your first readings like?

    Where you right in your interpretations, Or

    Were you wrong, but upon looking back as a more experienced reader, found that it was your error and not the cards?

    Finally, i want to end this with a thought... I didn't know what to think of a few cards that i drew, when trying to see what was coming in the next day or two. So i made my own guesses, and upon reflection after the last day, i found out that i was right... but I know i couldn't have been... because i went and looked up the cards, and the meaning i divined was not the same as the general meaning of the cards... So my final thought is, maybe if you really want to believe the cards can show you things, they will show you the proper cards to divine what you need. regardless of your knowledge on the subject.

    This post is basically me rambling, its also a way of documenting my thoughts as i grow as a reader, and hopefully as i grow, it can been seen by others and may help future readers 😛

    Any responses would be greatly appreciated. and if your interested in the specific cards from my readings i can pull out my journal! Thanks for letting me take up a bit of your time, Happy reading!

  • TITM,

    follow your "gut instinct" what ever was your "FIRST VIEW" .... NEVER doubt yourself ..... believe in your first view or gut instinct .... and than let it go ... I have learned if I go back to articulate or define things like EGO gets in the way.

    I have done Energy work on people and what ever image, feeling or vision comes to me I just let it out and share it with that Spirit (person) ...... I tell them THIS is what I see, feel or am picking up ..... allow them to absorb .... and here is were YOU will GROW .... listen to what they say ..... listen to them .... acknowledge for when they tell you something that you "hit" on; something you as an outsider aka not associated with them could have NEVER known.

    I personally "Thank" them and this is my personal experience ~ Thanking them brought me to even more indepth "picking up" on their energy.

    Just Try IT .... and see what happens.

    Love and Light,


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