Family MIA

  • I'm not understanding this at all: My family is totally unsupportive of my trying to buy a home for myself and my children. It has been verbalized to me that they don't think I should do this and won't be in my corner, financially or otherwise. That is hurtful, especially since everyone was behind my younger sister when she bought her home some years ago, including me. I wonder how much this has to do with my living in PA and not down South?

  • Wish you luck Sunshine but you do whatever it feels right in your heart for you, just plan for the unexpected so you don't have to eat crow later, so to speak. 🙂

  • Thanks Poetic,

    I wouldn't be doing this if I had the slightest doubt that I could or would be able to do this. My sister did lose her home last year, because the insurance became too much for her, and she has been unemployed for a couple of years. but they live down in New Orleans. The insurance is ridiculous because of the risk potential from hurricanes, flooding and wind damage. It's less volatile up here, worst I've seen here is wind damage from wild thunderstorms, and snow up to my neck. I intend to dot all the i's and cross all the t's before I jump into anything. 🙂

  • Dear Sunshine,

    You have worked very hard in your life. I think you deserve a piece of the American pie just like everyone else.

    I think it is great that you were able to attain a mortgage to get your own home.

    I say go ahead and grab the brass ring. You must try or you will never know. I think the universe has bestowed this gift at your feet. You must not return or abuse this gift.

    Like all of us that has a house...nothing is problem free. You take the ups and down just in life.


  • Hi Rooster,

    I hadn't heard from you in a bit, been wondering how you've been.

  • Are they mabe just scared for you because their just basing it off what happend with your sister? Or mabe freaking out the way everyone does about the economy and buying a house? Mabe you can show them that you have done your homework, and can handle it. Insurance agencies are getting to be a bit bold with raising fees, we just dropped ours and send their letters of we wish we had you back right back to them for raising our rates, we got found a lower rate, so I guess its still possible.

  • Thanks Bluecat, maybe that's it. But I am not one to jump blindly into a situation, I will do my homework first.

  • Dear Sunshine,

    I have been back from the South. I have good news. The universe let me see how my husband was actually in wolf's clothing so to speak.

    The universe has granted me a new love and I have a song in my heart once again. My husband is only a fading memory.

    I am moving forward with my head held up high with dignity and no regrets.


  • Rooster5 yuor husband was in wolfs clothing? glad to hear your finding happiness!

  • Bluecat123,

    Yes my husband has fooled me throughout the marriage and when I needed him the most he was involved with somebodyelse. This is why I said my husband was in wolf's clothing.

    But I have found happiness once again.

    I have gone through another transformance that started with my physical appearance and has ended in the awakening of my spiritual being.

    I have arisen like the Phoenix from the dark ashes.


  • Rooster, inbox me please!!

  • Hi Sunshine,

    I hope that things are better with your family. That is a difficult time when you feel your family does not support you in your decisions. Hope that you are able to find just the right place real soon!!

    Miss you!

    Hugs from Bloom xoxo

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