CuteCappy/PIsceanHealer - An Update!

  • Good Morning, July 7th Cancer here (if you don't remember! 😃

    I just wanted to update you both on my "Sticky with Pisces" thread a few weeks back. Over the 4th of July weekend, I received another "Checking In" email from my Pisces. (aside of the one I received earlier that week) That was the ice breaker it took for us to start chatting again, little by little. While every fiber of my being wanted to ask him serious, deep, rapid fire questions, I've avoided them all together. I know he's missed me, and I know he was thrilled that I was receptive to his contact. We've kept our conversations light hearted and sweet. I know he's got some major battles he's fighting right now, and I want him to see me as the haven and safe place he saw me as before. Can I just tell you how utterly at peace I felt after that weekend of communicating with him? It was like a part of me had returned home. Since then, he's called me several times, called me on my birthday, we still E-communicate every day. We've even set up tenative plans to go out for coffee next weekend. Marc, you were right about giving him time! I was worried about him forgetting about us, and the whole time he was stewing and just thinking about me!

    Marc, my question to you is, while I feel some sort of future connection with him, what should I be doing now to encourage and strengthen the bond we have? We are SO compatible, we are both very emotional, but where I want to talk about it all RIGHT NOW, he's still processing. Like I said, he is still shaky, stressed, and fighting battles.

    Any of your insight deeply and greatly appreciated! (How are you Cappy?)


  • hello Beary,

    Thank you for the update. I'm glad things are still on track for you two 🙂

    That peaceful feeling you experienced is a sign that you are doing everything right. You are following your intuition perfectly. Indeed, you are a very intuitive person I feel. You've found that balance between listening to your heart and listening to your mind. My only advice for you therefore is to keep doing what you are doing!

    There'll be times when you feel impatient, powerless, and even ungrateful. Don't fear this. It's all part of the tug o' war that goes on between heart and mind. He may even slip back inside his "shell", but don't be disheartened, it's his way of dealing and processing.

    Ultimately you will "know" what to say and do. And that bond you feel with him will naturally strengthen and grow.

    Much love & light to you,


  • Thanks again Marc! One day at a time. This type of connection is totally new to me, so I don't want to jeopardize it. Thanks again for your insight and kind words!

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