I would like some input on a follow up reading

  • Thank-you watergirl18 for your insight, i really appreciated it. and your opinion of my reading made me think of more specific questions I shouldve asked in the first place. So I thought of more detailed questions to ask to get even more insight on my situation, so i have a complete picture of whats really going on. For those who didnt see my last post-my ex has come back and says he loves me and wants me back after he had broke up with me saying he had issues he needed to attend to.

    1.) Why did *John break up with me in 1st place? (Justice)-Delivers total honesty+reveals consequenses of past actions. my interpretation -(I had been pushy with my boyfriend and his issues were pertaining to his finding out he had a child in another state. could be a little of both)???

    2.) What are his motives/reasons for coming back into my life? (Empress)-nurturing, supportive, kind woman. woman of emotional strength. my interpretation-(thats me!, im the reason he came back)

    3.) Does *John want to be in a relationship with me? (Emperor)-strength, order, and calm. Powerful figure or character who uses power to benefit those around him. my interpretation-( either he wants to be a strong influence in my life and feels he would be good for me, or he likes the idea of getting what he wants, but the negative interpretation doesnt seem to fit with the rest of the reading???)

    1. Is *John being truthful/honest with me? (3 of cups)-acknowledging blessings, fullfillment, a celebration, realization of a dream. my interpretation-( i have no idea on this one! help! how does it answer the question?)

    5.) What will likely happen between *John and I?-(Knight of Cups)-an approaching opportunity, proposal or invitation. or a romantic, intelligent man who may be a bit of a dreamer. someone who is charming or charismatic. my interpretation-( he may ask something of me, invite me to some important in his life or it may just be describing him, since he is somewhat of a dreamer and charming

    I would welcome any input anyone may have I my reading or interpretations.

  • Justice is a card about balance, doing what's right and can point to relationship matters. It can also signify a legal agreement or contract (like a marriage contract).

    The Empress can point to physical pleasures and sensuality.

    The Emperor is about control, dominion, head over heart, and in relationships can point to a man who places an emphasis on domination in relationships. It can also suggest a conflict with the rules of society.

    The 3 of Cups in relation to a man being truthful to you can indicate infidelity at worst and self-indulgence at best. The "3" points to a third person being involved.

    The Knight of Cups is not about the romantic knight in shining armor. He is flattering, yes, but he is untrustworthy and often manipulates people...a lothario or Casanova who seduces women for his own gain.

    I did a full Celtic Cross on the two of you before I responded to your last post just to make sure. Seriously -- you do not have all the information about this man and he does not deserve your trust. Get clear answers about where he has been and why he really left in the first place and don't be too trusting. If he gets indignant that you are asking or is too vague then you should run in the opposite direction.

  • hello vettech78,

    I have to admit, I agree with WG here. Your own intuition is telling you not to trust him, that he "likes the idea of getting what he wants". I really feel that you need to take a look at your situation from a different perspective, that these cards are too "positive" and one or more should have been reversed.

    So I went ahead and drew some cards for you.

    Current situation:

    10 of Coins reversed tells me you are about to make a discovery, but it's not going to be to your liking. Your investment in this relationship is not going to "pay off".

    7 of Cups reversed tells me you are caught up in an illusion, seeing what you want to see rather than what is actually there. When reversed the 7 of cups indicates fantasy or the escape from reality.

    9 of Swords reversed reinforces my feeling that it's imperative that you take a look at your situation from a totally new perspective. You are truly putting yourself "through the ringer" here.


    3 of Swords - So sorry vettech78, but this card indicates heartache, the ending of the relationship. In all honesty I too pick up on a 3rd person. A possible link to the 3 of Cups here suggests that you are the 3rd person.

    4 of Swords - A period of rest and recuperation. A lot of soul searching on your part. Recovering from the failing of the relationship.

    Queen of Cups - A new, healthier you. Especially emotionally. You will be happier, more confident. You will learn to identify what you want from a relationship (and you'll get it). You will learn to trust your instinct.

    I do hope this insight will be helpful to you vettech78. If there's something you feel needs clarification, please do ask.

    Much love & light to you,


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