Is Taurus and scorpio a good match?

  • I haven't been in a relationship for a few years now, the last one was particularly messy and I kind of locked myself down. Now out of the blue, an old aquaintance has just popped up in my life. He is a Taurean and he has made it clear that he wants to be more than just friends. He said he feels a connection on a spiritual level and that he is ready to settle down. I don't necessarily feel a strong physical attraction, but I do love his attributes. I know if I was in a relationship with him he would treat me like a queen. I'm normally attracted to the dangerous bad boy type and always end up in misery. My friends tell me to be open and to dismiss him just because he is not the usual type I go for. I admit I am intrigued as he said stuff about me, like he was reading me and I found that a bit unnerving as it's usually the other way round.

    The question is would he be a good match for a scorpio girl like me? I also long to meet the right person and settle down but just not sure if he would be the one. Am I being too deep or should I just enjoy the moment? Help would be appreciated.

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  • Hello Kn7

    Thanks for your prompt response. I agree with you, I will take things very slowly. I did say we could be friends and he agreed but I do wonder whether that would be possible given that he would be looking for something more.I don't want to make any more mistakes. He likes to organise and already I have had to put my foot down. I suspect he is quite dominant and that would bother me as I don't want to be dominated. Yet I don't want to pre judge or miss an opportunity for a good relationship. Maybe I am attracting the same kind of controlling men but he is just coming in different packaging? What do you think?

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  • I'm actually 45 he's 48. I know we are getting on a bit and that's probably why he's so keen to get together with me probably. He says he's not had a relationship for two years not because he couldn't but because he was tired of casual meaningless relationships and just wants to settle down. We haven't really argued as it probably is still early days yet. But I did notice that even though I told him I would just want to go with the flow, no pressure he would agree then in the next breath he would be telling me i could stay over at his place as we are grown people-what's the problem? So that's how he's looking at things. He says he has so much that he wants to give to the right woman and he thinks I am that woman. I kind of feel that it's all a bit too soon to be talking in those terms. His attitude is what are we waiting for?

    I don't know too much about his background just yet. I know he has been living abroad for a number of years and has only been back in the country 3 years as his mum is not well. From a spiritual point of view he seems to know himself.

    It's just so hard to tell. One thing he did say that did impress me was that he didn't need me to look after him- he was meaning from a financial and emotional perspective. I found this interesting as my typical relationships in the past has mainly been me carrying the men in my life, they have mainly been weak in character and I was always helping them out financially.

    I never mentioned any of this but he seemed to pick up on something and said he could look after himself and that perhaps it was time someone helped me. It could just be freetalk I guess, but you are right, how do I know if he is genuine?.

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