Pisces man went silent on me, how do I read between the lines.

  • I am a cancer girl who is madly in love with a Pisces man. Honestly the only time I feel that he is communicating with me is during intimacy from there he does not say much about his feeling. I called him the other day saying hello and he told me that he does not understand what I am playing at, when I asked him what he meant he said one minute I am nice and the next i am mean. He then told me that there are stuff missing by his place, when I ask him what was missing he said never mind and hung up on me. Bear in mind, we are dating. I was angry because he hung up on me and then I sent him a very mean text message. Ever since he has not response. He made it sound like I took whatever it is that was missing, I was angry at him for thinking that I could steal after being at his house for 4years why would I steal now. I cooled down after two weeks of no communication and sent him a text telling him that I did not take whatever it is that is missing but I will apologize anyways. He did not respond and I miss him so bad. I know I said a lot of mean things on the text message I sent the first time around but it is because he insinuated that I stole from him, of which I will never do. He is the one who is accusing me of stealing and I should be angry but look, I am the one trying to make things right and he is quiet. He does not answer my call, emails and texts.

  • Please guys help...

  • I hate pisces man crying

  • I don't understand why a earth would you apologize for something you haven't done... in by doing that also will make him think you have. I know its hard but it's obvious he's not interested, move on get on with you.. if he wants you hell come running, you have every right to be angry at his unfair accusations, and he cant even back it up with what has surpassed to gone missing..

    Honestly your worth more .

  • How dare he accuse you of theft - had he learned nothing about you at all over the past 4 years. You're dead right you should be angry and an accusation like that I would be seething for months on end. Good for you girl sending him a scathing text, he totally deserved it.

    Have to agree with Scully though, I can't understand why you apologised for whatever has gone astray. Yes, you ARE too good for him.

    Good luck

  • You guys are right he does not deserve me. I am done with him. Thanks for the responses.

  • Well done. Now is the time to meet someone worthy of YOU

  • This post is deleted!

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