What do all the number 9's mean

  • HI

    My husband and I are currently doing a Donor IVF cycle and the number 9 keeps coming up. Here's what's happening. What does it mean ???

    1. With our donor, we originally got NINE eggs (only 7 fertilized though)

    2. Then this Frozen Embryo Transfer was our NINTH ivf cycle

    3. We had our transfer on the NINTH on June 2000 and NINE

    4. I have my blood test on the NINEteenth

    5. And if I am pregnant, then I will be the NINTH person at my work to be pregnant at the same time.

    Please tell me what this means. Is it a sign that this time is the one ??



  • Hi - I too want to know what the significance of the numeber 9 is. I have done a few numerology reports and I know that I am in my 9th year. My address and the number on my door at home ='s 9 and I have been living there 9 years in 2009. I have been at my current job 9 years and know I will be downsized 12/31/09. My desk location numbers when added = 9. My birthday is 02/19. I feel that this year a lot will change for me, and that I am in the midst of the end of a lot of things. Will a new better cycle come my way, is this a positive thing?

  • Hi about 9's if im not mistaken all of my five core numbers of numerology are 9's i have a few "pro's" ask me questions about my life trying to further their understanding of having the same multiple core numbers n in my opinion, having 9 to the 5th power can be really hard, in respects to walking that fine line that i assume comes with the numbers basically shouting out me to stay on point. Any thoughts or questions to further understand how self sacrificing one should be with 5 core numbers being 9 would be worth the time. For background (slightly) my life is seemingly caving in upon itself at this point so again info or further points to look into are appreciated! ~Blessings

  • Greetings! I too am interested to know what all the 9's mean! My husband and I were married 9/9/00 and at the time our ages were 31 & 23 - this year is our 9th wedding anniversary on 9/9/09 and our ages are 40 & 32! I am amazed at the series of 9's involved here and wonder what it could be interpreted as?

  • Interestingly enough I just did a compatability report and discovered that I am a 15/6 and my hubby is a 21/3!!! Yet another 9!!! What does it all mean? I am curious...

  • Check this out for number 9:


  • its just a couple of times when the number 9 shows up. If a third of then were the number 6 you would be wondering about the number 69. The most you could take from it, you can call 9 your luck number. Then again there could be a higher power trying to point out to you all of those instances for a greater reason; all of the medical, its all in the way you take it.

  • It seems like all of your main aspects of life happened to fall into the same time frame and this is year 2009. If you think about it, its really just numbers following eachother. My friend the other day asked me when do numbers stop? i laughed to myself because i remembered leaning in school that numbers never stop but when can you say youve reached a high number? On the flip side, all of the re appering of the number nine could be building up to an event. weather its good or bad is a matter of what state of mind you are in or if you are on a high point in your life emotionaly speaking..

  • The only thing I can say is only you can choose what way your going to go. The past always has effects on the way you are today . You need to find within yourself it to bring yourself that sensi feeling of clamness. There is no way you can be choosing a path if you dont stop thinking about your destination. slow down and spend some time with yourself and you might be suprised to have a more clear vision.

  • Suprise! you got married and it lasted nine years! Be Happy!

  • In my opinion people who do the compatability reports are either insecure or bored. Its weird that your scores were so different but my friends say that opposites attracts. I would be greatful for that.

  • hi the number nine reflects our belief system, the spirit world and our faith in the divine source. and where we find god in our lives. hope this helps

  • The number 9 singles the end of a cycle. Hopefully it might mean that a task you need to finish may soon become complete. I feel that if the number 9 keeps popping up, it's a sign to stay aware of a message that's trying to be projected to you or what's going on around you.

  • My 9th wedding anniversary is also September 9,2009. We call it 9 to the 4th power! What do all these 9th reflect?

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