Can someone give me insight a this 3 card reading?

  • I was dating a man for about a month, when he had said he needed space to take care of some issues. well he has come back into my life telling me he loves me and wants me back. So I did a 3 question reading.... 1.) "*Johns feelings about me currently-Ace wands reversed. 2.) Is *John a good match for me?-Knight of cups 3.) Is *John telling the truth when he says he loves me?-Ace of shields

  • Hi Vettech,

    This man has not been truthful with you and it feels like there is someone else involved in this situation. How well do you REALLY know him? Spirit is suggesting that you need to walk away from this situation as it is detrimental for you. Seriously - I am really getting that his "issues" were another person or other relationship commitments. Even if he has ended that relationship, which I do not believe he has, he is not sincere about his intentions with you. This is a guy that is all talk and no action. Be careful!



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