How to look up an address in numerology

  • Hello all,

    wondering if I need to use city state and zip too or should I use only the house number and street name?

    for example:

    23 cotton court


    23 cotton court petersburg virginia 98765


    kelly in delaware

  • Hi Kelly!

    For the home address the only thing you need is the actual street address for the home or apt.

    Example: 23 cotton court (You would only count the 23)

    For Apartment: 23 cotton court. Apt # 5-A (You take the actual apartment number and letter, so in this case it would be 5 and "A's" numerical equivalent which is "1" and you'll get 6)

    Hope this helps!

    Create A Great Day!

    Markie Mark

  • thank you Markie,

    The free address lookup feature on the numerology page of asks you to type in the full address...they just don't say how full LOL


  • Kelly,

    Make sure wherever you move to, that the address is compatible with the numbers in your chart.

    Example: A 3 life number, might not do well in a house of 7.

    Create A Great Day!

    Markie Mark

  • ok, will do 🙂

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