Will i ever get a job??

  • Hi my details 01 April 1982 .Can you please predict if i will work again?I was working previously but left the job after marriage.Is there any possibility i will start working again if so in which field?Will i able to succeed?Please can someone predict.Thanking you in advance.

  • si12,

    You will work again at something that feels more out in the open or not to confining. You need to be a manager or the team leader if you do sales. You also like travel so take that into consideration also. Are you interested in real estate? I can see (clairvoyant) you as manager of a beautiful new apt community that has been or will be build near you.

    Also , I see an art museum and some type of tour guide position where you would work from two seperate locations. These are coming in clearly so that says to me that they are close by in timing. Please let us know how these exciting new opportunities work out for you.


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