In need of guidance would really appreciate some advice.

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    I was hoping to get some perspective regarding my romantic life. I wasn't actively looking for anybody for a long time mostly because of my own insecurities and self doubt basically I was hiding from the world. I've been working on myself and my outlook on life for the past few month. I joined online dating site something I was against of for a long time, it was better than I initially anticipated. I met some good people but no one special. I was wondering if I should continue searching online or should I be looking somewhere else? I just want to make sure that I'm looking in the right place for me. My date of birth is August 4, 1974.

    Thank you in advance for your time and energy

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  • Hi themidnightmeadow, thank you for responding, I really appreciate it. 🙂 What kind of details do you need?

  • hi Nightkat,

    Keep doing what you're doing, but I feel you also need to put yourself out there a bit more. Join a group, something "new". Expand your horizons. I get the impression you are going to meet someone socially. A gathering of some sort. It's a bit vague, but I get the feeling of being at an open evening type event.

    Love & light to you,


  • none, i'll do one for you now - i mentioned the website because if you want a more in depth reading, i provide e mail reports for readings 🙂 a lot of people like a more private setting.

    ok so i did a 3 card read for you just to test the water, and this is what i got:

    Past: Knight of cups (reversed) This would indicate to me that as you said, you have a definite tendency towards introversion, but that this is because of the way you have been treated in the past. Your experiences have made you quite an emotionally sensitive person, who is very easily hurt. This card also suggests that you long for your life to play out the way it does in your daydreams.

    Present: The Devil (rev) Ok, seeing the Devil in the present position makes me think that perhaps the biggest challenge you face is learning how to be yourself. There is an inner you who is nothing like the person you show to the world. The trick is to learn that this is nothing to be ashamed of, rather, you should embrace the real you, and when you do, life will be that much sweeter.

    Future: Two of Pentacles (reversed) The real essence of your problem lies here. You must find a way to balance all that life is throwing at you. With the right attitude, you can have it all. Take time to look after yourself, do some of the things you really want to do - and things will begin to fall into place.

    I hope this helps,


  • Hi Marc

    Thank you, I really appreciate your feedback. To be perfectly honest that's what I feel too, that I most likely will meet somebody in the social environment and not online. Being painfully aware of my self-sabotaging tendencies, I guess I just needed to make sure that I'm not just giving myself excuses not to renew my membership. 🙂

    I also wanted to let you know that I really appreciated your help few month back. I've been working on myself and following your advice. I do feel much better, my outlook on life is much happier and more positive than it's ever been. I still have some of mine fears and insecurities that I need to keep working on, but overall it's much better. So I just wanted to thank you again for listening to me when I needed it the most.

    Love and light to you,


  • Hi themidnightmeadow,

    Thank you very much for doing a reading for me, I will definitely check out your website. Your reading is pretty accurate on all accounts 🙂 I do get easily hurt even though I don't show it to the world. In fact I was so afraid of being emotionally hurt that I completely closed myself off. I am also very aware of my duality since very young age. And I'm learning to balance it all out and find a happy medium.

    Thank you again

    Love and light to you


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