Has he really disappeared???

  • I have been seeing this guy for a few months now and it has been going really well until the last 3 weeks.... He has started pulling away and says this is due to him having complications with selling his house and custody of his child... And doesn't want to involve me in the mess... I saw him last week on Saturday (quickly) we spoke on the phone on Monday last week and text on Friday but now I haven't heard from him since (it is now Monday)... He was saying that he promised to make all up to me but I haven't seen him since....

    This is really confusing to me and I am not sure if I should hold out hope or just let go???

    Can anyone help with this one??

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  • Thanks KN7 - I do freak myself out at times..... I guess my past hurts and horrible bf's do cloud my judgement.....

  • Virgos do that a lot where you won't hear from them for days and then all of a sudden they call out of the blue....and they act like they just spoke with you.

  • Agree with Kn7 and also as you know.

    more space you give in the beginning, better it is. Beginnings are tough, and very delicate. forget the past, don't expect for the future, enjoy the moment. If you give him and yourself a great moment, he is going to come back to you again. no neediness. no fear. good luck 🙂

  • believe he loves you, so you act as it is, and all it comes natural.

  • Well he has disappeared... And posted a profile picture of himself and his ex/current wife on Facebook..... Without telling me he was doing it.... 😞

  • Hiprincess, how typical. Read our stories on "The heart of a Virgo man" thread here and share yours please.. You will find A LOT of information there.. believe me.. it helped me a lot..

  • Sounds like he wasn't entirely finsihed with the marriage, sorry hipprincess;(

  • So there is no reason to be sad. in fact you wouldn't want him back after that, would you? there is plenty of fish out there, so cheer up and start fishing. 🙂

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  • I am already fishing... And he wasn't a Virgo..... Picses....

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