Please do a reading for me?

  • Hi there, recently I feel like I've been having trouble reading for a relationship, (or for a crush) I think because I'm too close to the situation.

    I'd be so grateful if someone could do a relationship reading for me.

  • Hi

    Are you saying you have tried to read your own relationship? If that is the case, trust me when I say you can NEVER, never get a crystal clear reading for yourself. Reason, you cannot detach yourself enough to be truely objective to your case. Whereasyou are objective and detached when you read a stranger. So please in future when you have issues regard yourself ask someone else to help you.



  • Haha that's exactly what I'm saying. I've attempted to read for myself a few times, but I'm worried I don't have the ability to read objectively regarding this person.

    That's why I'm asking for a reading here. 🙂

  • hi

    if u want my help ill need names cities n country best would b photos.

    umay also choose someone else



  • Okay! Thank you. Is there anyway I can message you privately with this information?

  • This post is deleted!

  • I dont think tarot allows me to post anything such as contact to such things. i tried but as i can see it´s all gone again

    so i dont know.

  • Okay. Well, I can give you my pictures and where I live here. Do you also need his information?

    My name is Ivy. I live in Houston, TX and this is a photo of me.

  • HI

    sorry it took me some time to get back to u. I wanted to b in the right frame of mind.

    i get for you that the crush will warm up to you come spring 2012. So it´s vital for now you get to know him as you would a friend. Go on dates, coffee tea cocoa dates. I would not recommend alcohol as it can influence behavioral patterns. Not saying you´re a drinker, no, but in nervousness over not to fail or ruin what is good now, one can go overboard without wanting and willing it. So stick to non alcohol for now. That too will do your complexion a world of good lol.

    I definitely sense see a chance for you with this crush. What i keep hearing is, 1. keep getting to know him as you have so warm, he´ll warm up to you, 2. be yourself. 3. take is slow, be the tortoise, never the hare.

    do you have any warm colored accessories in earth tones, warm earthtones? your pale complexion could do with a color boost. just a suggestion as i see feel you as a warmhearted nice person and you oughta show it in your wardrope.

    I hope this helps, if it not ask again



  • Aww thank you so much! This really makes me feel better. The thing is, it's very hard for me to get close to him sometimes, as I feel that I bother him or that he thinks I'm annoying. It also doesn't help that he now lives in Japan.

    Again, thank you.

  • Well maybe getting to know him now is easier. Quite a few has said it´s easier to explain and say what you want in a letter than face to face. So why not take this as a sign to get to know him without the face to face anxieties? what have you got to loose?


    ps good luck sweetie

  • That's true. I guess I just need to be more confident. 🙂 Again, thank you so much Cwb :3

  • yw sweetie

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