Does anyone understand an Aries?

  • I'm a Scorpio and in a great relationship with an Aries,but there are certian interferances I'm having trouble with. Any suggestions?

  • Which interferences...?

  • hey

    i am an aries and have extremly difficult time with a scorp, tho' i love him to death. dont worry, just be around, let the aries jump and dance, they are dreamy and hate secrets and would love if you are warm and caring to them, just pamper the aries and they will adore you like anything. i guess so.

  • The interfereance is an ex (Who is a Sag) who won't let go. She wants him and tries to do anything she can to disrupt our relationship. He doesn't think that is what she is up to but I am very intuitive as a Scorp and know exactly what she is up to. It makes me sick because she is 17 yeaers older than my 38 year old Aries and she makes him feel terrible and that he owes her for helping him out of a situation 4 years ago, but no matter what he does to pay her back it isn't enough and she keeps him in a place of depression that he will never be free of as long as she dictates his every move.

  • Wow, that sucks. Aries generally don't have a lot of room for bullcrap in their personalities, so I'm surprised he's let her tug him around this long. It must be some serious payback he owes her. Then again, we're also very honest and loyal, so if he is grateful for her help it makes sense that he wants to pay her back.

    I think you should reassure your aries that he's done enough for her and he can tell her to piss off. Just make him feel like he isn't the bad guy. If he's blinded to what's going on, help him see.

  • Lisa, It sounds one heck of a jealous ex! Payback or not, your man is now with you and she has no right whatsoever to interfere in your relationship. I agree with MariaRia....reassure him and help him see. If you get a chance to speak with the ex yourself, then tell her where to go... Be strong and don't let her ruin your relationship.Good luck.

  • Aries like a challenge! Sags don't usually do that kind of thing, they are very freedom loving and usually like to move on, this has me puzzled. Must be more going on here than you know. I would ask for some enlightenment.

  • i am the mother of an aries, have a girl friend and her son who are aries.....the aries has some feeling maybe of a mother figure with her and she as if he is her son...sags can cause a lot of guilt and aries buy into it if they feel some connection of caregiver/owe her something,,, but try as you may he will not let go til he sees what she is about...good luck, i would gentley remind him of his not owing her anymore and let her see your total support of him as a unconditional love, she will not be able to fight that for long....

  • Thank you so much for your advice guys, I do believe that she is showing her true colors to him and he seems to be getting tired of her crap... Everyday he seems to be getting closer to me and gaining freedom from her influence... I have reminded him calmly about her motives and I think he is begining to realize that what I'm observing is right.He is begining to voice long term goals for us that exclude her. I am being patient (which is hard for a scorp, but scorps are also determined and thrive in competition,because we seem to be the most headstrong of the zodiac.) He is starting to see through her plots and how she is trying to control him and I know for a fact that Aries are ones who are not to be controled or they will bolt.. I'm hanging in there because our love is growing stronger every day..I think he realizes what he has in a scorpio and likes it.. I support his goals , love him unconditionally , spoil him to no end and am a strong support system to him which he has never had in any other woman,and I intend on staying that way....

  • Oh one more thing. I'm not only a scorpio, I'm scotch , Irish, and my mom was a red head and the misconception that you have to worry about the temper of a red head more than any other is not exactly the full truth,. Although red heads are tough cookies and you really shouldn't mess with them if you know what's good for you, in reality, the one's you should avoid pissing off is the children of the red head because we have had to live with the red headed personality all our lives and have a tendancy to be worse when we are mad.So yes I have confronted her on several occations and have been quite crule.(to the piont I've made her cry,Not something I'm very proud of but sometimes certian people need to be put in their place). I think she is starting to realize I am not giving up and I will stand up for the man I love till the day I die.

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