Please can I have a reading on this guy?

  • I want to know if this guy will ever talking to me again? ---- 8/17/73

  • I have sent him messages everyday. Contacted him on facebook. Then he adds me on facebook snoops around my FB and then removes me from his friends. Hes blocked my number and then gave his to family I guess to avoid me completely. I went to his house a couple nights ago to get stuff that was mine and he refused to give it to me. He says well I cant find your stuff but when I do I will give it to you and shut the door. I told him that he will not give me my stuff only because he wants me to come back. 2 more times Ive stopped by to get my stuff and he refused to answer the door. This whole time he said he didnt want a relationship. Then I tell him Im not going to just give up. So a week ago he was suppose to come over and I got so upset with him cause he wasnt going to call or show. I knew it. Then he called me back mad saying now hes definitely not going to come over. Never showed. Before that however he was going to come over and decided to call me to let me know things have not changed at all between us and that there was no relationship. So that night I went to his house he got his neighbor involved etc. wouldnt let me in the house and wouldnt give me my stuff. So hes blocked me from FB after adding me. Then I went onto my other account and contacted him and he hasnt blocked me. I want my stuff back I dont want to feel any kind of connection or pull with him to go back. If I get my stuff back I can move on and not feel any attachment to him whatsoever.

    I have become a crazy lunatic with him ever since he first blocked me. I have said crazy things and have gotten completely upset. Ive gotten so stressed over this. He demanded so much from me like calling once a day and then not calling past 10 pm. Then Fri, Sat and Sun he'd have his kid. I said I couldnt handle that anymore. I sat home. Then never not one holiday did I spend with him. He promised new years I showed up at his New Years and he had his daughter. No Valentine No 4th of July. No easter.

    Can I get out of this situation normal?

  • By any chance is he a Virgo? My friend who I have known for 17 years just ended our 3 month love relationship. He refused to talk to me..when I came over: he opened the door and shut it. I dropped off some stuff he gave me on his doorstep and he called me, yelled and screamed at me telling me I burned the bridge, was dead to him and he NEVER wanted to talk to me again! I have asked him for stuff I left at his place and he will not answer phone nor texts...

  • Sounds like a Scorpio to me. . .

  • Scorpio is right Kim. I thought by the way he acted he was one. Only now did I find out his real birthday and that is what I got up there...

    As for Socalgal.. Yeah I agree... I threw away a piece of mail he gave me in his trash can when I left and I got some serious violent upset from him. When I took a magazine from his house that was mine he got extremely upset. Thats his birth date up there.. By the way he acted I thought he was a Scorpio. I was completely suprised to find out he wasnt.

    For a long time I went without knowing his birthday and really assumed he was a scorpio. I guess our minds can create things like that.... I dont know.

  • He's a Leo, 8-1 come on. Now what is his rising sign? You may not know that. Leo's are family minded and want the world to think that everything is rosy and perfect in their lives. But they can be cruel and judgmental with their partners especially if they don't get what they want.

  • I hope your not a clingy Pisces cause Leo's while wanting to be the boss also like a strong partner.

  • Im not clingy and I am a strong person. I just have trust issues. I believe in fighting for what I want and if my actions drive him away then obviously I wasnt important enough to him.

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