S.O.U.L Circle July 10th 2011 - What did you experience?

  • 7 minutes to go wake uuuuuuuuuuuuup people everybody have a great experience today !!!!!

  • hey seehorse, took part will tell my experience later on. going out now.

    just managed to get in on time, but wasn't concentrating hard enough today. Love n light Bee xx

  • Hi Seehorse and Lotus Princess,

    Started a few minutes late, had the loveliest feeling! I could feel the energy coursing through my body, and through my hands and head. I was holding hands, felt like I was getting as much energy as I was giving. Even now, I feel the energy coursing through me. Very strong today!

  • Glad you could make it Princess, waiting for your experience !

    Hands felt like i was wearing "energy" gloves, little or no tingling elsewhere. Azure Blue, Amethyst Green. Orange colours and a warmness. Then Black colour and coldness. An Aztec Pyramid. I saw a vortex, felt drawn to it, resisted getting closer of fear of being swept in, felt like a wormhole. Saw a heart and i think i heard heartbeat. Had to break the circle for a couple of minutes, then back in. More relaxed, i saw Sea images lol must be the weekend at wife's village. Faint tingling all over my body, like i was in a deep dive into the sea. A wooden boat's stern. A Whale swimming peacefully by. A city with white buildings by the sea, a port with strange looking ships like giant triremes, orange tree fields close to the city, happy people working on them on a sunny day, air filled with flower and sea scents. A soothing feeling in general, felt really nice !

  • Glad to hear that Sunshine ! Did you by any chance felt like the energy came in pulses or waves, like a heartbeat or something?

  • I've had a mild headache all day today making meditation difficult. The only sensations I picked up on this week were a warmth in the palms of my hands.

  • Namaste to all of you,

    PEDRO, I HAD MY AMETHYST ON MY HEART THE WHOLE TIME...oops damn cap lady lol..I feel awesommmmmmmmmmmmeeeeeeeeee, light as a feather...very calm, serene better way to describe..my head is so clear omg what happen...loved it...

    I'm off to sags mothers celebration of light..i have built enough light around all of us to light up the sky...

    than you..i'll try and check back...i had to let Pedro know of my amethyst and covering my heart with it...HUSTON i think i made contact:)

    love and light


  • 🙂

  • Weeeeeeeee a happy Sheeeee amethyst rooooooooocks lol i have one too !! It's green but Saturday (hopefully) i'll go to shop me a load of them beautiful thingies. Weeeeeeeeeeee!!!!

  • mines blackish purple, beautiful the size of my palm 🙂 I'll post a pic today or tommorow...

    awe Green, beautiful, never knew amethysts were green also...Time to google...lol

    thanks louise hehe


  • hey guy's, glad you made some good connections, felt a little connected today, but was half on and off as i was distracted lol- i did feel a peaceful feeling, and lots of warmth, and hands tingling.

    not much else, still getting some colours. but thinking that's just me, green bluey.

    love the picture seehorse. 🙂 and im glad you guy's made it today.

    Love n hugs Bee xx

  • Seehorse,

    Yes, it did feel like it was in waves, is that what you felt?

  • Actually yes ! Like a wave or pulse coming from my right side, pass through me, then leaving from my left side, i think once every second or so, not absolutely sure. I think sometimes it came faster sometimes it slowed down ! You felt something similar Sunshine ?

  • As a matter of fact it was exactly like that! Was that coming from you, SeeHorse? That was quite a powerful feeling! I think I am getting better at remembering what I feel each time we have our Circle.

    That is amazing!!!

  • I remember i saw a heart and then a heartbeat and then the pulse. Myjourney said she held a crystal close to her heart all the time. Could it be her heart we felt ?! Hey Shee, just how BIG is your heart anyway ?!

  • Hi SeeHorse! Maybe that was Shee's heart we felt....That's great! It seems we are beginning to make connection with each other. I am gong to make a concerted effort to remember more of what I experience.

  • Now that i think of it, the Circle experience resembles a dream, you just can't remember everything later. Sometimes i remember something i saw only after i read another participant's post. Weird huh ?

  • yea, Seehorse, it sure is weird, because I do start getting foggy memory within a few minutes, then someone will say something, then it jogs my memory and I will remember.

  • yea, Seehorse, it sure is weird, because I do start getting foggy memory within a few minutes, then someone will say something, then it jogs my memory and I will remember.

  • Hi folks, sorry I did not take part this week, I was sunning (joke) on a windy beach in Ireland with my Dad and brother and all the kids/niece. A meditation in itself. Love to you all,


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