Pisces guy zones out than apologise - HELP NEEDED!

  • I've met this pisces guy through mutual friends. We're both in our 20's. I saw him at some event, smiled at him and he came over and approached me. We later contacted each other online, and have been talking in msg's since. At first he showed a lot of interest in me, asking me questions and trying to make me laugh... He would message me every day.

    After a week of chatting, he suddenly disappeared, didn't respond to my previous message and didn't contact me at all for over a week.

    I decided to confront him and asked if I said something wrong. After about 24 hours he replied that he's really really sorry, that he's been really busy with work, and claimed he has this tendency to "zone out" when busy, but he's truly sorry. Then he went on asking me some more questions, wanting to know how I'm doing with some stuff etc.

    Usually I feel like "I've been busy" is the WORST excuse ever and just ignore the person, but I've read that pisces guys tend to be distant at times, and also - it seems he IS interested (asking questions etc.). If a pisces male isn't interested - would he keep asking questions and seem interested or just cut you off? Should I accept his apology or should I ignore him?

  • Dear Carly15,

    You can believe that he is busy once , but if he zoned out again on you, than you can believe that he is just to busy for your undevided attention.


  • "Should I accept his apology or should I ignore him? " Maybe you should consider the possibility that after a week of chatting with you he didnt see anything interesting in you. That's not to say you're not an interesting person or this is really what happened, but it's a possibility nonetheless. Too many people tend to rush and judge others, never thinking even for a moment to judge themselves first. And too many people are afraid of taking responsibility for their actions.

    Carly15, a human being's zodiac sign doesn't mean a lot, really ! How about the ascendant ? The position of all the planets on someone's chart ? Everything's important. And how about chinese astrology ? Egyptian astrology ? Kemetic astrology ? Numerology - Life path compatibility ? And how about early life experiences of each individual ? A human being is not a sign or a number, but a human being. Treat everyone as such.

  • Obviously I've considered it, but I figured - since he apologized and regained his interest in me so it seems - that maybe he really was busy/followed his tendency to space out.

    If you don't believe in astrology and that stuff what are doing here, anyway..?

    Thanks, I appreciate your response!

  • Please don't misunderstand Carly15, i know astrology and numerology and all this stuff is true, i also know ALL of them define a person, not just a Sign, that's my point. Now add to that the Karma factor, debts and "baggage" from past lives and one can understand it's very difficult to know a human being from just one factor. Us fishes do have our head in the clouds sometimes (or most of the times) , that's true. What's also true is fish people are not mature enough in their 20's but that's a generalization. I think if someone is really interested in a person then he/she always finds time to communicate. I'd say trust your gut feeling on this, sometimes our instincts are the best advisor we can get, we only get hurt if we don't heed them !

  • i had the same problem... it's really annoying it's been two years since i met the pisces guy i now and - he is still lie this. it's part of their personalities. like almost an integral part of their blueprint. for some pisceans its worse than others. so i guess my guy and your guy do it way more abruptly than other pisces. the behavior really sucks, it takes me on an emotional rollercoaster... highs wen he is paying attention n loving. and then lows when he disappears... i spoke to him about it but he didnt seem to get it. he didnt think he was doing something wrong- he thought -- 'i have obligations, wor, family, etc" and that i was making a big deal out of it. he didnt see that he was leaving huge voids in my life by disappearing the way he did. so he couldnt really change the behavior bc he didnt even acknowledge that its so terrible. i think u should speak to your guy (about how his behavior makes u feel) and see if anything changes after the conversation. if it doesnt...... it's your choice if you want to deal with it bc it probably wont change unless the person wants to change it, and makes efforts.

  • also- seehorse- i had the same problem as carly so i understand what she's saying. its not even about listening to instincts- because pisces will be loving one minute and then he disappears. so when u weigh the situation u see on the 1 hand he's very caring and sweet and interested and on the other he spaces out from time to time when he focuses on other tasks. it seems so innocent. because wen he returns from his spaced out sessions he is so loving. but in reality - its like keeping someone on a leash. seehorse, as a pisces, maybe you would not be this way, maybe you're more evolved. but some pisces will. the proof is out there.

    oh and carly my pisces had a bunch of signs in aries and his moon in capricorn. so he was more cold. maybe that's your guys problem too. the abruptness of aries and the cold/distance of capricorn. find out his birth time and do a chart for him it'll show you some basic stuff abt him.

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