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  • lol LOAP 🙂 that's funny, of course, if that was me, im not scared of mice, id only be screaming, if there was a spider on me, but even then not that much, I guess it just depends. I bet you find it funny know you think about it. I sometimes get shadows too, but only very rarely, like you say, its there, n then its not. 🙂 I am glad im not the only one who's feeling that. hehe.

    Love Bee xx

  • Leap of Faith and Lotus Princess,

    I sometimes see the moving shadows also-just a glimpse out of the corner of my eye. I dismiss these as my imagination. A few times I have even checked but there is nothing there. What do you think that is?


  • no idea, chelly, 🙂 but whatever it is, I am sure, that it is not a bad thing. well. i hope not anyway's lol.

    Love Bee 🙂

  • Help from the spirit world in time of need. Like the title? lol

    A few winters ago I had flu and went to bed early. Late at night/early morning I was woken up by someone shaking my shoulder and telling me to wake up! I opened my eyes to see a woman in a 40's style raincoat standing over me. I then realised I had stopped breathing! Gasped for breaths a couple of times, thanked her for waking me and went back to sleep. 🙂

  • Rukargi,

    Can you contact spirits ? Do you see them around others ?

  • Hello Mags, all- As to your question about Yin/Yang energies, I believe the Left side is Feminine and the Right side Masculine. Smelling Roses is a good sign, often when Arch Angels are around you will smell Roses. I've always been fascinated with the Occult/Mysteries, etc but have learned that it's best not to Open Doors that you may not be able to close and you can invite in negative Energy's into your life and home that will try to destroy you or your family, to me it's not worth the risk. I too as a kid would feel the bed go down when someone was sitting there. And yes it's true quite often those who have crossed over will visit in our dream state. Anything is possible. 🙂

  • Thanks Poetic,

    I just found out my cousin died and i want to make contact he suffered a horrible death ., i just want to know that he is alright ive made contact with spirits for other people but never for me .

  • Hi LOAP, Wanted to let you know I did a reading re your daughter and is on the whereever you are post--

  • Hi Dalia, He will come and let you know he is fine, don't worry! Have a good weekend!

  • Hi Mags, would you like me to try and contact him for you? It has been a while but I could do with getting back in to it.

    Love the thread


  • Oh yes please Sheelagh that be great

    Thankyou so much will send mail soon

    Love and light Mags xx

  • Does anyone know the correct way to interpret answers from a pedulam ? I always thought if it was spinning around in circles it meant yes and if it was rocking side to side it meant no .

  • LOAP,

    You control the pendalum ~ I usually use North/South for Yes and East/west for No. The other way is clockwise vs. counter clock turns. Just draw a vertical arrow on a piece of paper and mark it "Yes" above the arrow then draw a horizontal arrow and mark it with "No". Tell the pendalum to show you Yes and show you No ~ and see how it moves after each question I always thank it for the answer and "ground it" making sure it hangs completly still before I ask the next question.

    Good Luck


  • Hello all. It's comforting to read this thread about interactions between energetic planes.

    It's not uncommon for me to have a sense of being lead when I'm treating people. I may have a strong sense that something is necessary and I don't have a clear rationale for it. At times I ask for help directly. I remember once I was feeling physically very weak and I didn't know how I was going to have anything worthwhile to bring to my last patient of the day. I asked for someone to come and work through me. I had a very happy hour, with an amazing sense of energy flowing through me and best of all, I treated with a style of bodywork that was quite unfamiliar! The patient and I had a very uplifting time thanks to someone. I try not to feel too disappointed that I don't have any clearer sense of who is helping me. I certainly thank them though. Is identifying spirits (through sight or in my case more likely feeling) a skill I can develop or not?

    In answer to the question about left and right energy and gender correspondence (and sorry to contradict you Poetic) in east Asian medical theory, left corresponds to masculine energy and right corresponds to the feminine. I have no idea how this relates to communion with Spirits, but would be interested to hear any thoughts people might have.


  • Hi LOAP, I was reading your post about knocking on the door. I've had the same experience a few times. It's always on the front door. In my house, the bedrooms are by the front door and the living area is by the back door. I used to sleep by the front door and hear the knocks. In my experience, usually it's a warning from the outside pertaining to something happening that you need to be aware of. For me, it hasn't involved anyone in my house, per se but possibly could. A warning of danger lurking in other words. In the back area I sleep on a day bed now. In the winter it's warmer in there. I have a totally different experience in this room. Here, right before I awake I'll hear someone close to me calling my name. It's as plain as if they are there. I don't know the meaning behind this. I get the feeling that their soul is uneasy and calling for help or my attention. I want to respond but don't know what they want, in other words. What is interesting is that I've had different spiritual encounters in different rooms. To explain all my encounters is alot actually and some are divine. I've had one validated by the church. The one that was validated I showed the church and they were able to see also. The priest said the message was personal because I was able to see but also a public revelation because others were able to see and can still see today. These images manifest about once a year on average and others can see them.

  • Thanks Mystical Energy ,

    for the info on the pendulam it sound interesting iwill give it a go . I love your user name .

    Love and light Loap:)

  • HI Dal,

    So what sort of work do you do if its contacting spirits i would be interested to see if you see anyone around me . The knocking at the door was an experience that i will never forget , everyone who came to visit heard it as well , so i know that i was defently not going crazy i alos have a face in my tree which is right near the front door and i know he is watching who is coming and going i feel very protected by him and ive often wondered if it is him trying to make contact here is an image of my tree man .

  • Hi, No I don't contact spirits. But I've had experiences w/spirits similar to everyone else. For me the knocking is telling me that something is happening on the outside that you need to know about. I've also heard llight switches being turned on (so have others) in my house. I believe that's an indication to wake-up something is not right on the inside. Murmurings (voices that are indistinguishable) are present at times. These are spirits discussing what is going on and how they're going to protect you. I've lived here 11 yrs and these things have happened about a handful of times. The religious images I've seen disturbs some people so don't like to talk about it w/o showing them. The one that was validated is at the church on a stone pillar. I think the reason it was vallidated was that it's at the church although I've had several witnessed by a priest. They agreed it was there.

  • That sounds interesting Dal do you have photos of this ? what vibes do you get from my treeman ? Do you think he is a protector ?

  • Ive been experiencing alot of spritual energy lately yesterday i seen a black shadow walk into my sons room it never frightened me, and upon awakening i see a mist hovering over me virtually every morning and as soon as i start to get up and move towards it it dissapears and i know its not my eyesight plaing tricks on me .

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