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  • A place for us all to share our psychic experiences .

    I often feel energies around me years ago when i lived at home with my parents, i would often feel a weight on the end of my bed like someone just sat down on it ,then i would have this feeling as if somene was running their fingers through my hair it never used to worry me it felt comforting and soothing .

  • I was wondering can anyone tell me if it is male or female energy thats is dominant on the right hand side of our body ?

  • not sure if it is psychic or not when I was younger & something bad was going to happen I would smellthe scent of roses. I still do occasionally when I am stressed to the max

    I dont know if the male/female energy is right or left - I always figured if it was needed it flows through out the body & mind does that make sense?

  • Hi Shadowmist,

    Ive often smelt the scent of roses when none where there but thankgod i never noticed anything bad happened , as i was just typing this music came out of my speakers on the compuiter very loud and frightened the crap out of me and there is no logical explanation for this . Have you ever experienced this before ? I ran my mouse over all the adds on tarot to see if it was any of them but there was no sound. Yes it does make sense what you are saying about the male /female but i have heard that we when contacting spirits they come through on one particular side but im not sure . Thanks for your insight

    Love and light LOap:)

  • Has anyone ever used an ouija board ? I have a board called the psychic circle lol (same name as this thread ) its not an ouija board but its very similar you put your hand on a round glass indicator thing it brings messages from the psychic realm and my husband wont let me do it in the house as he thinks it will open an evil doorway .

  • oooh ouija boards run & hide lol I do not allow ouija boards in the house to many bad things happen when the inexperience gets a hold of them. the unexperience forgets to block or close the portals & something bad comes thru eek!!!!

  • Oooh nice thread but i'm not nice so i'll be my usual self, jump in, and share my experiences haha

    Well, there are many times i feel i'm not alone....freaky huh ? I get cascading thoughts and ideas sometimes like someone whispers them in my ear or something and i just KNOW someone is there. Furthermore, usually late at night at bed i can feel energy "dancing" on my left hand, like energy fingers or an energy hand moves inside mine. eeeeeeeeeeek lol

  • double eek !!!

  • Psychic experiences…

    Well, I don’t think I am psychic but I have feelings almost like I am being guided. I grew up in a very old house and always had terribly vivid nightmares but only in that house. The house was in our family for generations and I don’t believe that anything bad ever had happened there. Now I just get feelings especially where relationships are concerned. For example, while living with an ex boyfriend, I had an sense to look in a pair of his work boots. The boots had been sitting in our foyer for a couple weeks. I thought at the time, why are doing this and what do ya know, there was an extra set of keys which turned out to be the keys to a hotel room. I found out later that this was the first night that he started cheating on me. This is just one example. I sometimes feel like I am not alone as well. Scared to death of Ouija Board. When I was a child , my mother was playing with one with a friend. Unknown to me, she stored it under my bed while I was away. I only stayed with my mother during vacations from school. When I returned I started having bad dreams about a spirit coming to get me from under my bed. One day I found the board and asked her to take it out of the house. My dreams stopped.

  • Hi all,

    I just wanted to stop by and touch on "The Board"for a minute. This is just my own opinoin on the OJ Board. To use the board one has to have an open mind to it. One cannot just go willy nilly and use it. If you are afraid of it or think of it in a negative way then one should never use it. If one decides to use it then it should be used in a place that is quite and away from any kind of negativity or any disturbances. I will suggest blessings form your higher power to bless and use the board with a Protection prayer and four protection candles.You can also use protective crystals.

    When one is done using the board then you should thank your spirits for coming forth and thank your higher power and the protection candles and crystals for their protection during the use of the board.The board is a powerful tool to be used for mediumship and to get in touch with spirits that are passed on. To give this type of mediumship more energy you can make your own board or at best your own alphabet and yes and no and number cards. Then chose something for the indicator. Some use a glass for that.

    Just remember if you are afraid and feel negative about it then please do not use it. Remember protection protection protection. Always a thank you when you are done.

    Your friend in tarot


  • Hi All,

    I've had a few psychic experiences through the years and just wanted to share one with you. A few years back we were going out of town and I asked my neighbor to please watch my house while we were away. A few hours after reaching our destination (the beach) I began to have stomach pains. I couldn't explain how unsettling these stomach pains were to my husband but I really felt that something was 'not right'. The pains went away after an hour or so and I tried to enjoy myself the best that I could. That night a storm rolled in and we almost headed home but decided we would stay and return in the morning. I distinctly remember having this dream that I was back at my home and in the garage which was kind of weird but I went with it. Then I saw someone pass by the door and enter my bedroom and I was not able to see their face. Then I saw another person pass by the same door and enter by bedroom and by then I was quite disturbed. I guess I dreamed that I had my gun in my hand but it was too heavy and I could not lift it to get off a shot. I woke up my husband and told him that we needed to get home ASAP and when we arrived home a few hours later we found that our home had been broken into by the side window (the window by the garage). After calling the authorities and talking with my neighbor (who didn't see or hear anything) I got a call from the detective. He told me that someone had pawned my high school ring with my initials on the inside and told me who it was which was quite unusual and low and behold it was my neighbors brothers wife.

    To make a long story short I've always felt that I have had someone looking over me and protecting me and this was one of those occasions that I will never forget. I guess that is where they came up with saying to "Trust Your Gut Feelings".

    Just thought I'd share that psychic experience with you.

    Love and Light,


  • Hi its interesting hearing everyone's stories. I grew up in a very psychic, spiritually aware family so experience the weird and wonderful almost on a daily basis. I agree with TQOW about the OJ board. It is something I have used since a teen (now in my 50's) and never had any problems with it. But then being raised by my family I have never been nervous about such things and know that an opening and closing incantation are essential. It can be interesting and fun but not to be done if you are frightened about such things, that just invites problems.

    Three weeks ago I got a new dog, he is a very intelligent 3 year border collie. A day or two after I got him I noticed him staring intently at the top of a cupboard in the living room, he moved closer to the cupboard, never taking his eyes off whatever he could see, he then started barking at it (he is not normally a very vocal dog), finally he jumped up on the chair next to the cupboard and tried to jump up onto it! I had to laugh, no doubt it was my old cat, Mr Trouble sitting up there 🙂 My dog has barked at and stared intently at other 'invisible beings' over the last few weeks but he must be getting used to them now as he is doing it less and less often. It looks like my psychic dog is fitting in well with the rest of us weirdo's lol

  • Ive experienced knocking on my front door often and when i would go to answer it nobody is ever there. The knocks came in sequences of twos, everybody else in the house has heard them as well, i have a window near my front door so i could see straight away if anybody was actually at the door ,but no one was ever there, and there is no way by the time i got to the window if it was kids mucking around they could have got away that quick . I have heard this knocking at night time as well as that defentely scared the bejeebers out of me .

  • LOAP Re. the side spirits come in. I have often been asked when I have been reading Tarot, why I keep turning my head to the right and it is that I am listening to someone who seems to be just behind my right shoulder

  • LOAP - Don't be frightened of the knocking, Spirits are just people without physical bodies. It could be several things. Such as a spirit is trying to get your attention and is being exceedingly polite in order to get it! (certainly not someone to be frightened of). The knocking could also be Spirit children having fun! Some may find it amusing that you react to their prank. If you don't react they will stop doing it.

  • Hi Rukargi ,

    It hasnt happened for a while last year then all of a sudden it just stopped . I was never frightened of it until it started happening at night .

  • very cool thread LOAP. thought all your experiences was very interesting, 🙂 thank you for sharing them. Love Bee 🙂

  • Hi Bee, your very welcome do you have any experiences that you would like to share ? I was just telling Rukargi about your grandmothers tarot cards ,on the tarot learning circle thread not many people have heard of those cards with a key on the back.

    • that's interesting i new my deck was pretty old, but i don't know how old it is.there might only be a few of those around. im not sure when she got them, maybe ill ask my dad. and see, if he knows.

    but i doubt it.

    yes I only have one experience, I get some feeling of someone sitting on the end of my bed at night, :O) Yes that can be al little daunting, but i am use to it, so. i guess i don't mind.

    my room kind of also feels very full, for being a small room, when i am in there, other than that i am not really sure, about other experiences, i might have done, just don't remember. Oh when i was camping ,i did hear some strange music, in one of the mosaic rooms, this was a long time ago though, and everyone else who was camping with us, heard some of it too. Kind of spooky, but you know. 🙂 we figured they were having a party or something. Love n light bee 🙂

  • The feeling of someone sitting at the end of a bed is a common occurance many people have said they feel this , i think it must be our spirit guides taking a load off at the end of the day lol .

    I have had like little shadows the best way to describe this is to say that the movement of these little shadows and i wouldnt say they are shadows either ,i really dont know how to explain them is that they move quickly like mouse does ,but there is nothing there well i see them and of course i thought it was a mouse and im totally scared to death of them ,and nothing is there but i see the movement, well one day i was sitting on my couch watching Oprah when one of them came right up to me and was moving on the couch and i screamned the house down but nothing was there, i thought i was going crazy i seriously thought my house was being haunted by a mouse .

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