Daliolite: help with work reading?

  • I remember your friend's reading being predominantly about work. Cards pointed to work. It's hard knowing what the cards are relating at times so it's good when I get feedback. He may in time change jobs. I would have to go back and look at the old posts re his reading. I'll get back to you later as I have a major life event happening--may be a while.

  • Thanks Daliolite - please take your time 🙂

    I'm just confused by what is going on in my life, with the job and with my friend.

    I found out by accident my supervisor could be leaving. They are concealing this info - which could affect my decision to stay on. I think she is the nurturing influence that you picked up on.

    Also, there's been some movement in terms of my relationship with my friend. It's not platonic. I was right - there is mutual physical attraction and there is a young playful energy about both of us when we hang out. I just don't know if that's all it is.

  • Hi Danceur, What are you most concerned w/at this point. Then I'll do a reading.

  • Hi Daliolite,

    I'm concerned about whether i should take the new contract. I haven't been formally offered but I believe there will be a discussion soon. I need to know whether it may be a good step forward and will it work with my other priorities?

    I'm also concerned about the relationship with me and my friend. It could be changing into a romantic relationship. Not sure yet. I just want to go with the flow. But there's always been this other girl in the picture and I have a funny feeling that either I'm a 3rd party or that she is trying to come between us. I don't know if he has many of these special friendships...

    Would it be possible to focus the reading on these 2 areas? Or does it require 2 seperate readings.

  • Hi Danceur, I remember from your previous reading that "other people" surrounded this relationship. I did a general reading for you. This reading pointed to several areas. One thing it alludes to, again, is to watch the crowd that you're with. I picked the #4 in two cards in your present situation that are supposed to be stable numbers. In whatever you do, you'll have to be totally honest w/yourself. I have to ask you if you or someone you know is planning a party or celebration because there's one right above your present situation. One thing I've noticed in readings for you seems to be an activity of people.

    It's very clear from your reading that you want answers to your present situation--sticks out more so than the rest to me. This confusion is also in the future. It shows you w/a multitude of options. You appear in the reading as the Page of Cups. Guard against immaturity of emotions. You want very much for this love to blossom. You have learned the importance of money. Because there's a good number of Cups in your reading this is a very emotional time for you. You see this man as your knight on a white horse. Be careful as this might be all perception and emotion. If it is, know that all is not lost. Your cups are still half-full. You have a very creative environment, again, activity. There are positive aspects open for you. Don't close yourself off the the positive aspects present in your life. Maybe your reading is telling you to celebrate life. Are you feeling temptation or are you sitting things out waiting to see where the chips land. Guard against temptation and follow the stability. I drew the Queen of Swords below your situation looking towards the future. I feel like this influence is a benevolent influence in your life possibly from someone in your life but don't see it as a man. Court cards indicate people in our lives. This reading reminds me somewhat of the first one I did for you. Sorry I didn't come thru with any clear-cut answers. What I can tell you is that each of us has that voice inside of us that truly knows what's best for us. I would like to tell you this man is what's right for you but cards indicate it's an emotional deal. Since you have a major arcana card (the Moon) in your future, your path and direction you're heading will be a life-lesson for you.

    present--4 of cups

    above situation--4 of rods

    below sit--queen of swords

    environment--8 of rods

    hopes and fears--5 of cups

    outcome--knight of cups

    past--page of coins

    nine of swords

    future--7 of cups

    The Moon

  • ps--You--page of cups

  • Hi Daliolite,

    You're definitely right about this being an emotional time.

    I'm having a change of heart with regards to the job. There was an unexpected situation with my supervisor being hospitalized and she's gonna be away for a month maybe. In the meantime, me and a colleague have been tasked with clearing her huge backlog of work, almost all of which we have no clue how to do.

    I'm trying to see this this as an opportunity to learn more, as my supervisor never had time to teach me anything much. But at the same, I feel very turned off by the situation. I'm physically and mentally exhausted. I don't want to talk to anyone, esp at work, and I'm trying not to indulge my negative emotions but I'm upset.

    My colleague is clearly gunning for the position I was offered. And to be honest, I think she's a better fit. She's so hardworking and pro-active, whereas I just feel burnt out and annoyed. I just don't know whether I should consider staying on - if the extension is even still available. Or maybe I should just find another job.

    I know you said we all have a gut feeling about things - I feel that this job isn't what I want. Most of the people I've sought advice from here, seem to be telling me to take it. I just hate the idea of inheriting a mess, and of drowning in a deluge of work. There's no even playing field. I don't know if it's the circumstances now that are affecting my judgement or it's the job itself that is clearly unsuitable. Maybe both... What do you think?

    Am taking it slow with my friend. Am liking our moments together. But am also wary of his changing moods.

  • Hi Danceur, I'm going to respond on a personal level and not w/the cards this time. You sound to me like a heck of a nice person. My gut feeling is telling me that your emotional ties to this man is filtering down on different levels in your life including work. Clearly, it's part job stress and emotional stress. I think in ways it's depressing you. One way that you could look at the job is an opportunity to learn more, something new. Would the added responsibility at this time help you if you found another job. My advice is if you're unhappy start looking for something else. You know better than anyone what's up. I know in this economy that some companies will overload workers with work. Sometimes if a supervisor is weighing in your favor that's what matters as sometimes they don't promote those already there. I don't know if this other person has been there longer but that's the way it sounds. As you talk about this situation, I remember the cards in the reading. What's unclear sometimes is that I pick up 2 or more people and have trouble differentiating what's happening w/who. You and your BF both have a lot of activity in your surroundings and your cards mentioned more than once to watch the environment. Now that I have more insight I could ask more pointed questions in another reading which may be helpful. I'll try to get to one soon. Gemini is an interesting sign as is Scorpio also. I kinda got the impression that you were a Scorpio. Gemini is a very dual sign but can be very loyal. One thing that I got from reading your post is it seems that he is the one guiding this relationship. You're afraid to express too much. Realistically, I don't think you want to settle w/ friends w/benefits. My experience w/Scorpio and Gemini is that neither have communication problems so my feeling is that there's baggage here and will probably stay status quo (the same.) You have excellent help and support here w/LOAP, Watergirl and others and I honestly hope that things work out. Take a deep breathe, go forward and smile!!

  • Thanks Daliolite,

    Hope you don't mind that I do often ask for advice from different people. You are all coming from different perspectives and you give advice in different ways. I connect to you all and on different levels and it's only collectively (even in the case of differing advice), that I can relate what i read, to my situation.

    I really appreciate that you replied from a personal perspective. Is it really obvious that I'm a Scorpio? 😛 For some reason, the people I've dated are always air signs - even though we're not supposed to get along. And my best friends are water and air signs also.

    I think that when you sense actvity around me and him - it may mean our separate work environments. There's a lot of peope and activity in mine, and same with him. I can sense there's untrustworthy people in my midst. I think there's a lot of competition in his environment as well.

    An interesting scenario that has come up - my boss has said it's my choice - if I would like to take up this new portfolio or to swop roles with my colleague. So either way, seems like I'll be remaining with this company for now. It's just now I don't know which job is the better fit for me. And I pray to make the right decision.

    I think you're right - I am a little depressed. It's been a long time since I had any movement and choices in my life. I'm excited but also unsure how to handle things. I feel overwhelmed and I just retreat into a shell (literally stop talking). People at work notice I'm like a Hermit, and I guess I'm unwisely secluding myself. But I really need that space.

    You've correctly perceived that he's taking the lead in this thing with us. I feel it's easier to let it be this way, because I want to see where he's at, what this means to him - even if it takes a while. It gives me a chance to get to know him slowly and to find out how I really feel too.

  • Hi Danceur, I can relate to having friends that are out of your element--water and air etc. In a previous reading, the #4 surrounded your present circumstance so that's a indicator of stability. Was it clear that you were a Scorpio--no. I can do another reading but really don't like to do more than 2 so close together. Reason being is a lot of the time the readings appear to be similar. Maybe in couple months. I do read thru your posts since I'm familiar and will respond.

  • Hi Daliolite,

    Wonder if enough time has lapsed for another reading? Am really strugging at work, and I'm wondering if it is time to get out. Or if there is another opportunity somewhere else. And what to look out for. Really distressed.

    If you have time, would really love yr take on the situation and maybe some advice.


  • Yes, I'll try to have it going by tomorrow or Wed. at latest.

  • Good morning Danceur! The economy has forced 2 or 3 jobs to become 1 job. A lot of things are in a mess right now. That's my personal feelings on the economy and what's happening to a lot of people now.

    I'll do your reading: Whether you realize it or not you have a lot of psychic ability. You inherently can analyze a situation and know what's up. You need validation, your validation is that your right. Your on the right path although you feel like your walking thru darkness with a flashlight. You are also projecting your shadow self issues too much. Your insecurities. Given your situation, it's understandable.

    There are words, words going on. Words circulating in your mind, subconscious, work life. Something has to give--what do you do. The tarot is saying nothing. Your handling it as well as can be expected. There's a great need to cut thru the BS but do not do so UNLESS you are confronted, then speak truth. Avoid any connection to gossip. Feel there's lots of it around you. Your silence is greatest weapon. This will almost take on a philosophical tone. I see an authority figure in future, I see the overall good taking place in future. Although everything seems to be in a mess, the good seems to be on your side.

    You really want out of this situation. The tarot is saying that the time frame is near or urgent for situation to change. If something negative does happen at work, accept the change as inevitable. There's a battle going on with words. Do you know what authority figure may be in future?

    Are you still w/BF. He has issues re women or mother figure. Maybe he's looking for a mother figure.

    The situation above this reading is that you really want things a little easier. This reading isn't about things getting easier (sorry.) Seems the only thing easier is finances.

    The past shows you as superior/independent, standing ground. You like to do things your way. Reading mentions help. To get this help calls for hard work, asking politely. I'm getting may have to be childlike, more submissive. Probably from authority figure. This authority figure may actually help in future.

    There is a lot going on at present. If there is a change at work, accept it as for the general good. Aspects of this reading are hard to decipher for me as there is a lot of communication, words and total silence. In your hopes & fears your worry can be your silence but can also be your hope. Shut down all the noise for awhile as you know what's best--I get this. I also get clear communication. If you want to look for work, the environment is very favorable now for you. I'll close as you probably have some questions. Hope this helps.



    above--9 of coins

    below--4 of rods

    future--9 of swords

    king of swords

    past--6 of cups

    7 of rods

    You--high priestess

    environ--ace of swords

    hopes and fears--4 of swords


  • Hi Daliolite,

    Thanks for your reading.

    "communication, words and total silence" sums up what I'm experiencing. There is a lot of noise at work. And I'm being gossiped about - you're right about that. The issue is the culture of this place. Boss expects a lot but there isn't enough resources or support. People are struggling to perform at their own expense. Missed meals, overtime, always in backlog... And people are selfish, every man for himself type of thing. It is not a healthy place.

    Part of the problem is that I may be ill-suited for the kind of work. Am an introvert and this job is evolving quickly into a customer-facing one. the other part of the prob is that I am ill-equipped for the job. No proper training, learning on the job is very haphazard because we're overwhelmed. Feel tremendous stress having to be accountable to customers while not knowing my stuff. Have no time to sit down and learn while being caught up in daily operations and backlog.

    Was offered a 2 year contract. Not sure if I should attempt to tell the boss I'm no longer interested. There was previously an option to swop roles with a colleague (who actually wanted the role I was given). But her role will be changed, and I'm not sure I'd like what it turns out to be. Or should I just take the contract, talk to boss if the going gets too tough, and/or just quit once I find something else (hopefully I do). Am already looking around.

    I think I know what you mean by "although everything seems to be in a mess, the good seems to be on your side". There are days when I feel I can do this, that it will turn ok. And then the next day, I sink down into despair. Been riding this cycle for 2 months. it's driving me crazy.

    About him... yes we are seeing each other, sort of anyway. We got intimate recently, but it's starting to feel like a mistake, because he weaves in and out of closeness that I don't even know if it meant anything to him. Gemini thing I gather. Am trying to learn to let him be. Please do tell me what you mean by he has women issues. What do you see?

  • It's not so much what I see. I research all the cards when I do a reading. One of the possibilities in your pairings of cards is that he has issues--possible re mother issues. When you do talk with boss be as polite, thankful etc as possible. I'm not saying your not, I'm saying this will help you. Your POSITIVE words will work wonders. Don't second guess yourself, either.

  • Mother issues? How do you mean? He's very independent, doesn't seem to need anything, anyone.

    Seems v close to his family, tho they're now living in different countries. He's been the man of the house since his father passed on about 20 years ago.

    Yes I think you're right - i will need to be careful about how I talk to my boss. I am thankful for the opportunity she's given, but I also think she's turning a blind eye to our struggles.

  • what's wrong with "very"? LOL

  • Hi, Thanks for your input re the cards. I don't (of course) know your BF so it's hard to decipher some combinations. There was youthful cards paired w/some higher court cards. The higher court cards being feminine (women.) So, I guess, he's had to take an authority position in his family. When you figure out this position in relation to the family and maybe the extra responsiblites it may help you understand him or see him in a way you haven't before. He does show up in your readings--want you to know that.

  • Hi Daliolite,

    He is very particular about other's disrespect and his perception of work not being done properly, intentional or not. He is also very disciplined and hardworking. All of this I attribute to him having to be the man of the house. But he also works in a female dominated environment - would that be one possibility for the 'feminine cards'?

    Would it be fair to say that a person who has that much responsibility thrown on them at a relatively early age, might have a secret need to be taken care of in some way? Maybe not mothered, but cared for. Since he is caring for others the rest of the time.

    Actually what does it mean when you say he shows up in the readings. And how do you know it's him? Sorry if I sound a little ignorant 😞

    Also with regards to the work situation, yet another person has served notice. That's 1 every month since I've been here. And these are all people in key positions. It's a destabilized, overloaded work environment. And it's why I want to get out. Is there any indication of work opportunities I should pay attention to?

  • Yes, I think you nailed it re the cards. I have drawn the 4 of rods for you before. This is a card of celebration, people dancing, wedding celebration etc. It's indicative of you. It relates to the subconscious or what motivates you etc. in the position it is in. Looking at the celebration as a wedding with two higher fem cards is where my question was. The nine of coins is a fem card. So, women come up in his material (work) world makes sense to me. Coins deal with materialism, jobs, education etc. The basis of your question was work. This card was above your reading. But below your reading you're also wondering about BF. You need to be patient w/ him as well. You really have 2 situations that are calling for patience. Work and BF. Other people in your life will come up in readings. It's funny, sometimes it's like the tarot has a sense of humor. I recently had some storm windows put on my house. I was without shades and curtains for about 5 days. I did a reading for myself a few days before and my environment card was the Sun. When you sit down and read these cards, you get a feel for the situation. A lot of people call it spirit and that's a good way of explaining it. Regarding what you should be looking for in the way of work--the reading calls for communication. This communication is something re work. The Ace of Swords is a card of communication--public speaking etc. Is there customer service openings. This card tells me there's going to be more of this. Everything you're telling me about the present job is that they're overloading you and everyone else. I've been watching Oprah on her life's lessons. Sometimes it's a good thing to listen to the little whispers that tell us something is wrong and correct it before it becomes a scream. Your cards are indicating something in communication whatever that may be. Again, everything is pointing to positive communication. Hope this helps. A lot of this is due to the economy, I'm sure. If you do check-out different jobs, follow-up, follow-up--on them. Follow all leads is what I'm getting--communication, ok. Might find something talking to a stranger, etc.

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