Daliolite: help with work reading?

  • Hi Daliolite,

    Was hoping to get some advice from you regarding a new job I'll be starting this week.

    I'm looking to this job to regain some self-confidence, as I've not working regularly for a long time. I want to be able to get along with my colleagues and do well and leave a good impression, even if it is a temp job.

    Is there anything I should be aware of? I've tried doing free cartomancy readings and they seem to indicate deceit, sadness, loss and hardship - I'm not sure if this is on the job or in my life.

    Either way, would you be able to read for me and offer some advice?

  • Hi, I don't like to do a reading on Sunday and felt compelled to at least look over a spread for you since you may be starting this job soon. I'll pull some more cards tomorrow and do a full reading tomorrow. It seems you are very capable and likeable. The present situation seems bright. In your hopes and fears you fear the worst--economic hardship. It is time to live life to the fullest and not by your fears, this is what your reading today suggests. I also saw a lot of emotion in your reading. I'm sorry I have to end it. I'll continue tomorrow.

  • Thanks Daliolite - look forward to your full reading.

  • You have an interesting reading. I'll try to read this story as best I can and maybe you can relate. Your reading is calling you to transformation, breaking down of old structures. Inadequate foundation. Reading deals primarily about material--money, career, work. Have to ask if your an Earth sign. In your far past money was important on what level don't know (poor background, parent's had money.) Reading also shows you as being possesive w/money. Maybe this is what you learned in past. In near past was some transformation that has led to a major decision in present or this transformation. I drew the Death card in your recent past. Rising up from a bad situation. You are being guided, awakening. The negative aspect of this transformation is past mistakes. Maybe you're judging yourself too harshly. There will be a definite change for the better in your future. You have a balanced, stable mind. Possible relationship problems, seems you are not confronting issues you should or in denial. Good time to resolve issues. Holding in your emotions. Your near future and future looks bright. You're being called to try something different, possibly. Maybe different trade or skill. You will work hard to achieve success. Mastering a new skill. Shows you working in a group, or takes group effort. It will require more goal setting, planning. You need to grow beyond your level, what's in the past isn't working for you. Feel like you have someone in your life who nurtures you or maybe you are the nurturing one. The Queen of Coins is above your present situation. This reading is almost like someone reaching out their hand to help and calling for change.

  • HI Daliolite,

    Nope - am a Water Sign (Scorpio).

    You are right - I do feel called to try something different, like a different trade. It seems that what I've been doing - is not what I should be doing- and I've finally realised that. I don't know what is the new trade I ought to try though - have had much difficulty trying to figure this out.

    Being possessive with money stems from having endured economic/job uncertainty for so long - that's probably why your initial reading mentions me having a fear of economic hardship.

    You mentioned about working in a group. Is there anything more you can tell me about this? I seem to work best when I'm left alone to my own devices, yet I'm starting to wonder if working in a group is one the skills I need to develop.

    "Possible relationship problems, seems you are not confronting issues you should or in denial. Good time to resolve issues. Holding in your emotions."

    This is true as well. I feel for someone - would like to get closer - he seemed very interested and drew me in - but then cooled off unexpectedly. We're still friends but there's a lot of distance. I miss him, and I'm now stuck with feelings I didn't want to have, and silently upset with him for changing like this. I wish I knew how he really feels about me (are you able to tell) because I'm still getting mixed signals from him. Or maybe the denial is mine, in not being able to let go. If I have to - how should I do this?

    "The negative aspect of this transformation is past mistakes. Maybe you're judging yourself too harshly."

    What does this mean?

    Thanks in advance 🙂

  • I drew 6 pentacle cards (Coin) out of 11 so this reading is primarily speaking to career since you're not an earth sign. I have never drawn this many pentacle cards for anyone. I researched the three of coins in your hopes and fears position which speaks to working in a group. You can gain expertise by working in a group possibly. Because of the positioning of the other cards in your reading it shows that you have the talent to get the job done, that's why you feel competent to work alone. In fact, I drew the 8 of coins in your environment which shows a man working very hard on his own and achieving his goal. As far as the career move my guess would be your own business possibly. You're going to be required to take a stance sooner than expected--only you know what that means.

    As far as the relationship, let your intuition form your intellect.

    I drew Judgment as your present position. You are being called up and into action. Drew Death as your recent past so that's where I got past mistakes. I think your reading is calling you in a totally different direction than you're in. This is the run down of your cards. May want to research them some yourself as this may help. I felt urgency when I first read your post and hope things get better or head in better direction.

    Present: Judgment

    Far Past: 10 of Coins

    Past: death

    Above situation: queen of coins

    below situation: 2 of swords

    Near Future: Page of swords

    Future: Ace of coins

    You: 4 of Coins

    environment: 8 of Coins

    hopes and fears: 3 of Coins

    Outcome: Tower

  • Hi Daliolite,

    Thanks so much for your help. Just some final few questions..

    What does the Tower card in the Outcome position mean, and what does above and below situation mean?

    I have been working freelance for a year now, via telecommuting tho, and this is the job that I've leaving behind as it is no longer viable. Could the reading refer to this (as in own business)?

    Another possibility: I was considering becoming a dance instructor on a freelance basis.

    But there are practical obstacles, primarily that i do not have the physical ability at this point. I do have artistic ability but it would have to grow exponentially - I won't know for some time if I've got what it takes. I can say that I've already started baby steps in this direction (working on fitness and trying to create simple choreo), but the mindset is still that this remains as a serious hobby for now and the distant future - unless there are clear indications later on, that I can take this journey further.

    Other than this, I have not uncovered any abilities/talents that would allow me to start my own business.

    I think the reading is mostly accurate - cos i feel a shift in focus towards career. It's been on my mind for years and really brewing for the last few months, and I definitely feel the push to transform and rebuild, both as a matter of economic urgency and an emotional/spiritual calling.

    I'm not sure of the significance of parts of your reading - I guess it will become apparent as things move along. Will try to do some research - are there any resources you can recommend?

  • To have death followed by the tower is an omen of change as far as the research I've done. This reading is pretty intense so might be in your favor to research and pinpoint what you feel pertains to you. Your reading appears to be very upbeat in your future with change again lurking in the outcome position. The way I read your cards is by merging the change together w/death because seems it all fits together. Got the feeling somewhere in near future there is a "young" energy--page of swords, followed by ace of coins. Something interesting and positive is the queen of coins over your present situation--this is a nurturing effect. Below is subconscious, what you bring into it. The card I drew for you 2 of swords can be interpreted as a relationship card which is what I did. To me, the 2 of swords represents a woman blindfolded before a sea of emotion or turbulence, she needs to rely more on intuition. She is well balanced and fights her own battles. You may be too alone when comes to relationships, however and need to work on that aspect of personality. You may have something to gain from someone else expertise--I think this is where the 3 of coins comes in.

  • Hi Daliolite,

    It's been ok so far on the job. But being here makes me feel what i've realised in recent months: that what I'm doing is not what I should doing. It's just as you said, I need to move beyond my level. It just feels very meaningless and I really have to find out what I'm meant to do.

    When you say I'm too alone when it comes to relationships, do you mean in general (family/friends/colleagues) or specifically about love? Have opened up more to people in the last year. Have even allowed myself to think about love again, after recovering from a bad relationship. As I mentioned, there is someone I'm interested in, but it seems one-sided now. If I were to give you a birthdate, would you be able to tell me about him, how he feels towards me?

    Sorry to trouble you. Where and how do I do research on the cards? It is really quite something, the ability to read the cards and draw conclusions.

  • Yes, it's interesting how the cards tell a story from the past leading to the future. I've said that it's an indicator of where things are. I started reading Tarot at the first of the year because of the new year--something fun. I got interested and have been doing them on and off for past 7 months. One thing that I've learned from reading them is not to assume anything just write down interpretation. Also, record the first reading only. I don't really need the DOB of your BF. I'll do a reading but may take a couple days. I prefer to read it as his personal reading and not as a combined love reading. His general reading will point to where things are at with him. A general reading involves 11 cards and takes me awhile. I'll be back later...

  • Hi Daliolite,

    You must naturally good at this:) To see the patterns and interpret the cards doesn't seem easy at all. I wouldn't even know how to assume anything because the cards can mean something so different from the given interpretation. It sounds like fun tho!

    And no worries - take your time. It's probably best to do a personal reading of him as you said. He's not my bf, just someone I'm very fond of, who seemed fond of me, and then I guess he lost interest (but there are mixed signals now and then, so...

    Thanks in advance - look forward to your reading.

  • Hi Danceur, My advice to you is not to look towards this person as a love interest--at least not now. I did a 3-card relationship/love spread. Does not show this as a love interest. There's something very social about this relationship. Might be social circumstances are aggravating the outcome. Shows you as being the one who steps-up to the plate to advance this. He might like the fact that you initiate but I don't see it moving past a friend. I drew Death as Love and Me. I can see where you feel alone here.

    I GLANCED at an 11-card spread on him (I did that second.) He has just come out of a chaotic period, you may or may not know about this. Has favorable environment at present. Partnership in present position--could be business but contemplating something that's transforming. His outcome position is interesting. If he's in a controlling situation, he'll conquer it, however, could be stating to conduct himself w/integrity or risk something. Something is setting to take the stage in his Outcome position. Either he is going to serve as an authority figure or he'll come before an authority figure. In some way he is going to be tested, my guess is he'll triumph or win. He needs to watch his back in some way. He has a detached nature about him. Might seem calm and comfortable around him. In a business sense may not be good as others may not be taking care of things. He's comfortable in his situation. Let me know if you can relate.

  • Danceur, I overlooked the Tower in his environment so disregard the favorable environment.

    (That's what happens when I hurry.) I get the feeling that he's overlooking something that needs changing and it's not necessarily him. Almost looks like it's something or someone in his dealings, possible work related. This same conflicted setting appears in your 3-card spread. How did you meet him. That might help me understand what the cards are saying.

  • Sorry Daliolite,

    You might need to break it down for me a bit more as I don’t understand parts of what you wrote.

    Please bear with me....

    What do you mean “…if he's controlling situation, he'll conquer it - however, he could be starting to conduct himself with integrity or risk something”?

    Your reading says that this is indeed one-sided. It wasn’t always this way. A few months back, he initiated a lot of our interactions and communications. We were very close for a short period and he seemed to want more than friendship. However, it stopped abruptly - but he was still friendly. May be a coincidence, but around the same time, I started seeing him with another gal. Nt sure if they're a couple or just friends, as he's known to have a lot of gal friends.

    We met under social circumstances. I frequent the place he works, although I don’t see him most of the time. However, others started to gossip when we hung out in plain sight (because he is popular and an authority figure) and he detached from me. Although it was probably the best course of action, it hurt me (and he doesn’t know just how much). Although we trade smses sometimes and are friends in theory, I guess he got used to cutting me out of his life – such that he’s still detached when we occasionally spend time together.

    I have been doing all the advancing – as you said – because sometimes he seems receptive. I don’t know if he’s just too polite to tell me to stop bothering him. Part of the allure of his friendship was that we have things in common and we used to have fun hanging out together. He's been very encouraging of me in exploring my abilities and interests. Although he is detached by nature, he took the walls down when he was with me. But he’s so lukewarm nowadays. And I feel alone – you are right. And i think I'm going to lie low(er). It just doesn't feel right - this one-sided thing 😞

    Back to him, you’re saying he’s in an unfavourable situation? He’s a very capable person and I know he’s had run-in with work-mates before. I do believe that he’ll conquer any test he’s put to. But I also sense that some of his closest friends are untrustworthy. This may or may not be what you picked up on. I know this because we have friends in common and it’s also something I just sense. Everyone wants a piece of him and prob they’re willing to lie to him just to advance their position. I had told him to watch his back. But it is not my place to tell him why - he’d never believe me anyway.

    I'm not sure if these friends have influenced the way things have turned out with us. But I do think they didn't like that he seemed very close to me, though we haven't known each other long. But then again, it's more likely his detachment is his own conscious decision.

    “I get the feeling that he's overlooking something that needs changing and it's not necessarily him. Almost looks like it's something or someone in his dealings, possible work related. This same conflicted setting appears in your 3-card spread. How did you meet him. That might help me understand what the cards are saying”.

    -I don’t understand this either 😞 Unless you mean it's me that needs to change?

  • Over his present situation I drew the Lovers--partnership/decisions. That's probably what ended your relationship so abruptly. There appears to be a change in his future that I feel he'll overcome. There is a lot of activity probably heated in his environment and I'll assume it's his work environment or friends because it involves several people. That's why I asked where you met him because these people (atmosphere) is also present, or coming thru in his relationship w/you. What I would suggest here is to be cautious re his associates. I don't know what your level of intimacy is w/this person. I think he probably likes initiative. If this relationship is truly gone, it'll turn him off. If he is laid-back, opposites attract (I'm guessing on this.) There is going to be a drastic change in his future. I get the feeling that it'll come up from behind him, so to speak. It's not you that necessarily needs changing, it's his environment. It's not complimentary to your relationship w/him. His environment definitely shows activity. He may be more capable and intellegent than this job challenges him to be. Maybe it's that his assoc. are below him (intellectually and financially) is what I'm picking-up.

    Present--King of Cups


    Below--10 of Coins

    Past--Moon, 7 of coins

    Future--9 0f coins

    3 of rods

    self--7 of Cups


    Hopes, fears--King of Swords

    Outcome--5 of Swords

  • There have been a lot of changes in his work environment and it's certainly more stressful. Do believe he is challenged a lot in his present job but yes, he may be meant for more. Not always, but in some ways, the job suppresses the part of him that is warm, creative and friendly also.

    Level of intimacy - low.

    in the beginning - he opened up to me (w/out my prompting). I assumed he was telling me things he doesn't tell a lot of people. We have some things in common and this is why we became friends quickly. I think he sees something in me that is the same as him - I feel the same way.

    We hardly interact nowadays, but we are sometimes still physically 'close'. Now this is why I mentioned about mixed signals. he seems to be physically comfortable with me, in a way he prob wouldn't want others to see.

    So though the level of intimacy is very low now and we hardly interact, the friendship was predicated on an unspoken trust. Not sure if that matters anymore anyway.

    It is timely that you said to be more cautious of his associates - I'm assuming you mean both his friends and colleagues, as they are all in environment we are in. Because I feel a sense of untruthfulness/deceit, and I don't know whom it is coming from, or if there is more than 1 source. I also don't know if my trust in him is misplaced (as in I trust him more than I should, and I trusted too quickly).

    With his present focused on partnerships/decisions - could this mean a relationship, instead of work? That there may a messy past/present situation that involves several people, including his close friends, who may be influential in his dealings.

    You said "..I think he probably likes initiative. If this relationship is truly gone, it'll turn him off. If he is laid-back, opposites attract (I'm guessing on this.) ..."

    Do you mean that it's up to me to keep this friendship going - and that he doesn't mind me taking the initiative? And that if I become quiet, he'll just let the friendship die?

    Cos I had the impression that I was turning him off by trying to move closer - and thought I should just lie low?

  • Do you mean that it's up to me to keep this friendship going - and that he doesn't mind me taking the initiative? And that if I become quiet, he'll just let the friendship die? I think readings are indicators and as such is pointing to it being over. What I said about initiative are just my personal thoughts re the cards. Cards point to it as being over.

    This man makes his own decisions, sometimes his presence helps and hurts things. He's fully aware of his mistakes in past but was a time of confusion. His personal reading relates to him moreso than you. An indicator of where his life is. I thought it was interesting in respect to you that the lovers where above the situation.

    The messy situation will air in the future or outcome of what is present now. According to cards he'll have a prosperous near future. The messy situation will involve several different issues or people. It's hard for me to pinpoint exact nature of what's going on. It's an indicator not a dictator.

  • Daliolite - Indicator not a dictator - haha 🙂

    Thanks so much for your help. though it's not good news for me, I'm glad it sounds like he's going to do well. Somehow, I have to learn to detach from him, from this. Hope is a cruel thing sometimes, and I allowed myself to linger in the past regarding the way he used to be around me. Sigh.

    I think right now the job is the thing I need to concentrate on, although the loneliness stings. I get the feeling things are going to heat up at work and I'll be tested as well. And I hope I'll be able to conquer the challenge too.

  • Don't feel alone. I do my own posts (problems) here also.

  • Hi Daliolite,

    You were right when you said "you're going to be required to take a stance sooner than expected--only you know what that means".

    I'm at the company for 3 weeks and they're interested in extending me for 2 years in a broadened role. But I'm in panic now because I'm not even sure how I feel about this place. They're jumping the gun and i feel unprepared.

    I want a job with work-life balance and I don't think that's how it's going to be in my new role.

    Also, you mentioned about my friend - that he'd have to watch his back. I didn't think it'd be quite so literal. He's having back pain that's getting worse and it seemed to happen out of the blue. His job is physical and he's getting through it on painkillers. I'm worried about him.

    Any advice?

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