For TNilsen: need help, a reading?

  • Hi TNilsen,

    I've read some really interesting readings from you to others. You have a unique way of reading. Are you a clairvoyant or do you read cards - not really sure of the difference.

    Was wondering if you could do a reading on me, specifically on love matters. There's someone I'm v fond of and I would like to know how he feels about me. Whether it is a friend thing only, just physical attraction only or more?

    And if there's meant to be another, what do I look out for and how will i recognize him?

    And, this is a little strange to ask - but why is it that women are drawn to me much more than men. In fact, men look but they don't approach. Was starting to wonder if I'm not meant to be straight? LOL.


  • The **** was "v" as in "very". Not sure why it got bleeped out.

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