Captain..a reading or insight please...

  • Was friends with Virgo boyffriend 8/26/64 for 17 years and we always cared for each other but there were reasons why we held off. Anyways in April, I told him my feelings and how I wanted to be with him and he was thrilled and VERY HAPPY. Told me that all the girls he had dated he had always compared to me and how he felt he was given a second chance and was living a fairy tale now. 3 weeks ago I showed jealousy and drove by himon his street as we was talking to a girl (didn't know at the time I knew her) and he got really mad and told me to leave and not come back. I sent a card (he read and called me). He told me I needed to get help with my jealousy issue and I blew it with him. I tried to tell him I am having hormonal issues (actually going to have a hysterectomy) but he wouldn't listen and hung up on me. I went by his house and he shut the door in my face. I was sooooo hurt that later I dropped off a portable heater and another thing he gave me on his porch. When I arrived back home he called me and yelled at me like the devil's rage. Told me I burned the bridge, was dead to him and he never wanted to talk to me again. I recently found out that he is casually seeing someone (in 14 years he has not had one long relationship. I am having to go through these medical issues without him and for the last 17 years he has always been here for me...

    Do you think he will call me in time to at least salvage the friendship? I know if the friendship comes back we can eventually get the relationship back. One thing which bothered him is that he didn't think I wanted a serious relationship. I did write him a very nice letter thanking him and letting him know how i treasured the friendship all these years and how special he was to me...

  • What is your birthdate?

  • 4/12/61

  • If I give him space do you think he will come around eventually?

  • I also have a picture of us together...

  • A reading please. He told my son to tell me that I crossed way over the line and he never, ever wants to see or talk to me again and also never to contact him.....Will he ever get over this???

  • Can you please tell me what I have to look forward to?

  • I sincerely hope this works out for you

  • Update: He actually called on Wednesay to come to my house to drop some things off I had being the small safe I gave back to him when I was mad..unfortunately, I was 40 minutes away. He was very pleasant on the phone. We talked for about 2 minutes until I ended the conversation. He was supposed to drop by later but hasn't as of yet and I am not going to contact him. Reminder..this is 1 month after he said he never wanted to talk or see me again and that I was dead to him..

    My son had gone by his place about 11 days ago to pick up a candle I had left at his house and his new GF was there. He told my son again that I crossed way, way over the line and he never, ever wanted to talk or see me again and to never contact him again and in addition I had cost him overage usage on his cell of about $70. I wrote him a check and gave it to my son and he looked at it and said thanks. This last Tuesday my son dropped off some keys of his and an additional $10 to cover any charges on his next was the next day he called and came by.

    Oh, the girl he was seeing for about 1.5 weeks is gone and now he has had a new one for the last 4 or so days...why is he doing this? He was never a serial dater until we broke up?

  • Is he just doing his best to punish you even more perhaps, knowing that you will able to discover what he's up to. He sounds a very mentally tormenting and cruel man. Is this the sort of guy you want to spend your life with?

  • He didn't tell me about the girls, his friend happened to tell me. When he came by here he was alone.

  • Socalgirl - It is obvious that you miss this male. Clearly this is taking an emotional toll on you and you have my sympathy. In my opinion I don't think this male is right for you for several reasons (he has not had a real relationship in over 14 years, he seems a little immature in how he handles stress/conflict, and he seems to be bouncing around a bit in terms of female companionship).

    That aside, you still want him back so I will focus on the actions which bring you here. Im not sure how the conflict played out, but if this turned into a screaming match in front of the other female with you driving away like a crazy person ( I'm not saying this is what happened, just what I imagined when I read your post), then I really don't see him returning to you romantically (although possibly as friends given enough time). I'm a Capricorn with a Virgo rising and sorry but I couldn't forgive your actions, at least not enough to want to make you my significant other again.

    Don't get me wrong astrology isn't everything in terms of understanding individual traits, however virgos (earth signs in general really) despise drama, unnecessary conflict, and blatant displays of insecurity, possessiveness, and jealousy. It's one thing to show these traits when we are alone (still a turn off but understandable depending on how it's displayed), but another to do those things in public for the world to see (image and perception is important to virgos).

    I've only ever dated one male who displayed a high level of jealousy and despite all his wonderful qualities (we are still good friends and he is Still hoping for reconciliation), his jealousy turned

    me off so much I could/can never consider being with him romantically, something he doesnt understand given how good he was to me/how close we were. Deep down he thinks we will get back together and I assure you we won't. Don't sit around wondering, thinking, pondering over this man. Move on, if he wants you he knows how to reach you and you can consider the "what Ifs" then, but I'm afraid you may be waiting in vain.

    What makes your situation unique is your long friendship. I hope this works out for you.

  • Things have turned around a bit as we have had several phone conversations in the last week and this evening being the longest. There is no anger between us and hopefully we can talk when he brings some stuff over to me. I think he has realized that I am the one person he dated here who really appreciated him and who never took him for granted and used him for his kindness.

  • Also one thing I might add...he did tell his friend that it wasn't so much what I did but the fact that after the incident I didn't leave him alone so he could cool off .

  • There was only this one incident of jealousy (temporary insanity) that he had witnessed in me in 17 years....

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