Need Help Understanding This

  • I've had a Virgo male friend for about 15 yrs. He recently met a Virgo lady. She has told him to straighten out his friendship w/me and that she doesn't believe it's a platonic friendship. She's also told him to forget about a couple other friends of his. As far as I know, he's following her cue. I would like to say that our friendship is platonic. I use to see him daily and now I don't. I don't think this relationship will last but, of course, I could be wrong. I know he needs to get on w/life but I miss him. He's been in two failed marriages already.

    Does anyone have any psychic intuition about this. Any advice to help my feelings of loss.

  • dalia my advice to you is let him know you are his friend and will always be his friend period. so when things go south with this woman he knows he still has one good friend. I have been in that situation before and my guy friends new girlfriend was very jealous of much that she was doing spiritual things against me and it was horrible. but i stayed strong and i gave him space to do what he needed to but after a year and a half he realized she was completely psycho and controlling. he did end up coming back in my life as my friend and we were all the closer because i stayed loyal to him. but truthfully it seems like you have feelings of more than friends and maybe he did too if he was spending that much time with you. Hang in there and be diplomatic if you have the chance to talk to him. but i would scope out this situation he may be entering an abusive relationship and women know women. watch this one closely and make sure she doesnt harm your friend. other than that do what you need to do to be happy and keep moving forward. life is short.

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