WATERGIRL, I have good news, but I need your advice ?

  • Hello Watergirl. This is me, Zaros. What a difference a few days make. I have meditated over

    the past 3 days, and I did a lot of critical thinking over the weekend. I found some time for myself

    and was very reclusive for the past few days. I found many answers to my problems.

    I am calm though, in a very strange way. I feel like I changed. I dont have any anxiety today,

    or over the past few days. I feel resolute. It was like I had an epiphany or something.

    Can you please tell me what is going on ? I assume that I am doing the right thing.

    How did you know that I needed to gather myself and be positive ? It worked. <

  • I didn't know - it's what came through from Spirit 🙂

    What's coming through for you now is that this is about developing patience and wisdom as well as your self-confidence and faith in your abilities. You are eager to learn and to achieve success, but can have a tendency toward being unrealistic and allowing yourself to be misled by others because of this strong desire. This is due to the importance you have placed on not only financial security but material achievements - your public image and how others think about or see you is very important to you. So part of the lesson is to develop a good business sense, making conservative investments and taking sensible courses of action, while being patient and diligent until your work pays off. No get rich quick schemes. Rash behavior and impulsiveness has got to go! Replace the scattered thinking with focus. Use or cultivate your discernment abilities - thoughtfulness and wise discrimination - while being strong and decisive as well.

    The last reading was to help you with this. To get you to re-focus...learning to still your mind and go within. Your strong emotions about your situation and your desire to be an outward success makes it difficult for you to maintain a consistent attitude and demeanor. Your self-esteem is tied too much to the outward appearance of success and you do not feel successful right now - so the fear and anxiety builds and gets you in a dither. It is much easier to make the "right" or best decisions for ourselves when we are in a state of inner peace and balance. It is also much easier to release self-doubts and lack of confidence and embrace faith, hope and optimism in the future from this place of calmness. Learn how to establish this link with your Higher Self and with Spirit so that when you are in times of crisis you will have an emotional "center." Keep practicing as I believe we are all going to continue to be tested with external events and chaos as a means for us to master this internal beingness.

    For now, the message from Spirit is to be willing to wait...patience...and do not compromise your self-esteem or avoid "warning" signs in the meantime. Trust. And for some reason I am getting a nagging feeling that this may also be about another business deal or endeavor you are considering? Whatever it is, it is not a good idea (unless this is just residual energy from the last one?).



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