Would greatly appreciate some advice-bit of a dilemma

  • Hey All

    I am in bit of a dilemma in relation to my job.

    I am currently working in a job, its not in my line of work but it came at a time when I needed a job so am grateful, its been 7 months but need to get back on track with my career and back into my line of work. I have an interview coming up on Tuesday, its 3 months contract, for a good company and I am really keen on it.

    However, I have also applied for 2 permanent positions - my ideal dream jobs. But I wont hear back as one of them has a closing date till next week and the other one i will hear back in 2-3 weeks time.

    If I am offered this 3 month contract job should I take it or should I risk it, continue where I am, and wait for some response frm the other 2 (both will give responses if I am through or not). I have a feeling I will at least get an interview.

    But thing is, if I get this contract job, i will feel bad if i had to leave half way as the previous person left half way also after getting a permanent position elsewhere. So am sure that would rather annoy the boss right. I am not sure what to do:

    1. If offered the contract position, should I take it? or

    2. Continue where I am in the hopes of getting some goods news from the 2 perm position..this could be a lenghty process as they are perm positions.

    3. Take the contract role and just give the 2 weeks notice if the perm job is given to me, as I need to do whats right for me I guess.

    Any advice would be greatly appreciated.


  • Hi Mia,

    my advice is to stay where you are, for its a secure job right now, so if it is not broke don't fix it...let the good news come to you first,,,JMO

    love and light


    PS i think you already have your answer and maybe you just need for it to be confirmed.

    good luck

  • Mia, I'd say the third option, as you need to do what is right for you. Contracters always do what is right for them, and you need to look after your interests.

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  • Hi, I would stay in place and wait for the dream job UNLESS you feel like you're on somewhat shakey ground where you're at. There is no way I would take a temp position. If your in a temp postition now, I would still keep it. So many companies are just looking out for themselves and no one else. I think after a year you qualify for unemployment, if something happens to the job. Maybe this present job is for less that a year. Bottom line--look out after your interests, it's hard to find a company that will.

  • Thanks all, but also this 3 month contract will become permanant. I really cant stray away from what I should be doing, so if I am offered this 3 month contract I think I am more siding to take it......sigh....

    I dont even know if I will get offered the job in the 1st place after the interview next week! lol I just like to weigh things out in advance..

  • As I said i knew you had the answer already within, i hope it works out for you...I'm pretty sure you will be thinking more on this, with a week to go:)

    Love and light


  • Thanks all 🙂

    Sigh, do not like being in such positions 😉

  • Hey Mia if you do take the contract job & then the dream job offer comes you can always arrange to start your dream job after the contract is finished most employers respect that you need to give notice

  • Hey Shadowmist

    Thanks for your input 🙂

  • Hey all

    I never got the 3 month contract, am pretty gutted :(. Guess I spoke to soon here lol

    I really dont know where I am going with my career. Just stuck. 😞

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