Can anyone help me figure this taurus man out?

  • So, I'm very confused by this man. He has my interest but it is waining. So we hit it off really well (he had my complete interest) and now I'm not so sure where I stand with him. We haven't known each other too long...about 4 months. When we first met i was really curious about him because he seemed like a really good guy and he wasn't arrogant and seemed to be down to earth. When we were together i would always catch him staring at me. Well, the first date we went out on he said he didn't really have enough money to pay for everything (which is ok, everyonce in awhile, I can deal with that on occassion) and we had a great time. We made a couple more times to hang out but they fell through for one reason or another. I understand, stuff happens. But after about the second time it had happened I was feeling blown off. Later, He disappeared for about a week... there was a pregnancy scare and we talked through it (he approached me about the discussion) and he explained that he tends to bottle up with certain situations (arguments, etc) for awhile. We decided to be friends at that point. Well, he ended up texting me pretty much as soon as i left. I ignored that text for a few days and than got back to him. We keep in contact, over the phone, but not too often. We tend to run into each other at different friends houses. last time i saw him while we were hanging out he would reach over and massage my back for me a little bit (which he did a few times) then we got to talking and he asked me for a kiss. I told him no because we were supposed to be "friends". He later mentioned that I should spend the night with him sometime and than made a comment about how I probably wouldn't with a friend. Anyways, is he just playing games because that's what I'm thinking and that is what is turning me off. He is just confusing...can anyone help?

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  • Even if you are one of the meeker kittens, Leos tend to be the star of the show and get all the attention, even coming across as aggressive or dominating at times. Taurus men want to be in charge, to call the shots. Could you have frightened him off by being too forceful or bossy?

  • Well sounds like he just really wanted to mix pleasure with friendship and he testing you there.. friends with benefits, otherwise why say you wouldn't sleep with a friend, then gen is that tureens don't play games, but some do to have control.

    They dont like if you dont respond to a message within few hours let alone days either.

  • TheCaptain & Scully 21 thank you for the replies!

    @TheCaptain- may be I have been aggressive and might not have realized. I was the one that asked him to hang out originally. Later that night he asked if it was a date or as friends and I told him I had meant as friends and he said he wouldn't mind if it was a that's what it turned out to be. The only other thing I can think of that may have possibly sent him running is that I had talked to a mutual friend of ours about what I was looking for (in general- a long term commitment) and I found out that our friend ran and told him. Turns out that our friend made it sound like I was trying to rush into a relationship with him. I tried to make it clear to the Taurus man that I didn't want to rush anything with him, but maybe I should reiterate it again.

    @Scully21 -We ended up hanging out again this weekend and he used a lot of "we", "us" and "our" phrases. Which, if he was trying to play games for control, maybe he would try it that way? He was a little bossier this time though. One example was that I wanted to take a walk during the night cause I was feeling a little restless. He told me that I should just stay at the house and go to sleep with him. Well, I went for a walk anyways and when I got back he was outside (waiting for me, I don't really know) but we ended up sitting outside for a while talking and being a little flirtatious and cuddly. We ended up sleeping in the same bed that night and he didn't try anything sexual, but than again I had also let him know that nothing like that was going to happen between us.

  • The question is, TMC, is whether you can put up with a life partner who is always in charge and is the dominant one in the relationship while you must curb your natural leadership ability? Because that is what your friend wants - is it what you want?

  • @Thecaptain. Thanks again for the response. That is a real good question that i would love to know the answer to. I have dealt with two guys in the past, both virgos, and both wanted to be in charge, or seemed that way to me. The first was an abusive relationship and i put up a fight the whole was an immature relationship on both our ends and it didnt turn out pretty. We have a child together and I can tell that im dominant now. The second virgo treated me with much more respect but we really battled it out sometimes. I guess from those experiences i can say i think i could deal with "being submissive" as long as i feel respected and appreciated and feel like what i say does hold some weight, but guess i wont know for sure unless im dealing with it. Honestly, so far i have had much more patience with this man than i have others this early on. I have "offered" (for lack of a better word right now) myself openly with as little reservations as i can have and trying not to put past experiences or hurts off onto him because he isnt them. Time will tell i guess. so once again good question that i would love to know the answer to. p

  • @thecaptain- so i have noticed that people ask for your help specifically. Why is that? I mean you seem very insightful from some of the answers i have read. But i have seen stuff about readings...are you an expert with this kind of stuff? And thanks again for your help:)

  • Speaking as a Taurean woman myself, I know that people of my star sign are very attracted to manly men and womanly women. Your nature may just be too forceful for this guy.

    I am a psychic reader with some knowledge of astrology and numerology and have some very good books on these subjects that I quote from when the need arises.

  • Yeah, I may be. It's funny though because I do prefer to have a man wear the pants in the relationship (I need someone to have a backbone and keep me in my place at times...let me know when I'm going overboard or whatever) and I really enjoy wearing the purse. It's just a matter of feeling respected for me. If i'm feeling like what I do or say doesn't matter at all than that's where the trouble starts. Oh well, other fish in the sea, right?

    That's really neat to hear about you? How long have you known you could read (not sure if it's the correct term, so sorry if it's wrong)?

  • About ten years.

  • hi Taurusmanconfusing,

    Im going through something similar with a Virgo, although its kind of the other way round, I want a relationship and although the guy started off really full on he has now backed down a bit and left me kind of hanging! what do you think about this captain. We have only just met, about 3 weeks ago, has he maybe just gone off me a bit? x

  • and taurusmanconfused I hope you get it all sorted. I believe that everything happens for a reason and you just need to follow your instincts xx

  • Emily, if you start your own thread and give me your birthdate and his, I can tell you more.

  • @emily26angel how is it going with your virgo? My experience with virgos hasnt been the greatest, although those two are the only guys i have dealt with for years. The first war immature abusive and cheated. The second couldnt stay with one female but was generous at times and dependable. I would love to hear how things are going with yours

  • hi taurusmanconfusing. to be honest I decided last night that he just isn't the right man for me. I want someone who knows what he wants and isn't afraid of talking about his feelings. he just isn't that person. I broke it off and now hes ringing me texting me all the time!! Sooo confusing!

  • emily that sounds confusing. Sorry you are having to deal with that. Just stick to your guns about your decision since it can be so easy to get sucked back in when you care for someone. Sounds like you know what you want, good for you .:)

  • emily that sounds confusing. Sorry you are having to deal with that. Just stick to your guns about your decision since it can be so easy to get sucked back in when you care for someone. Sounds like you know what you want, good for you .:)

  • emily that sounds confusing. Sorry you are having to deal with that. Just stick to your guns about your decision since it can be so easy to get sucked back in when you care for someone. Sounds like you know what you want, good for you .:)

  • sorry about all of the same post. My phone kept freezing up and didnt show that it had already posted. Is there a way to remove them?

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