Does my Virgo boyfriend really care for me?

  • You would think that being a Virgo myself that i would know but i have trust issues and he seems opaque to me in many ways. I had my heart broken, badly, so i am trying to only date someone who really cares for me. If i stay with this man that i adore and keep sleeping with him i will fall deeply in love. So while i'm at the halfway stage i'm trying to figure him out. And not doing very well at all. (Sorry for skipping the virgo man thread it was very long and i'm going a bit mad here.)

    So here is my list of clues. Until he went away on holidays i thought that we were doing well. We have been seeing each other for five months, saw each other most weekends and he called over to see me the night before he left for his trip. All wonderful. He had invited me to his house and out with his friends and had told me lots about his life and family and i really thought that we were getting close. He looks into my eyes for hours and i feel my heart melt every time.

    Then things got confusing. He didn't call me when he got back from holiday a few weeks ago. Eventually, and with a pregnancy scare prompting me i called him a week later (false alarm as it happens). He said he would come over on the following Saturday but would call me in the morning to confirm. He didn't call. So in the late afternoon i called him again, he eventually meandered over very late (although he's always late) and was lovely and friendly when he arrived. We had a great evening, rolled around like cats and when he left he said that he'd be in touch.

    That was a week ago and i'm going mad waiting again. So now i'm thinking i may have scared him off with the pregnancy scare or my enthusiasm and my calling him. Or he doesn't care deeply for me. He is always late to see me. When he does invite me out he gives me little or no notice. So i'm thinking that i should back off and then see what he does. But this could be what he's doing. My friend told me that i can be hard to read too and i was very slow to call him when we first got together i don't think that i called him at all for the first couple of months.

    So, any idea anyone? Am i worried for no reason? Is he not into me? Should i back off him? Should i actually talk to him and tell him how i feel about him and ask him how he feels?(I really don't feel ready for that)

  • Yeah, he's losing interest. You need to back right off and let him decide if he really wants to be with you. Meanwhile, you don't owe him anything because he has not told you where you stand with him or what your relationship is. Date other guys.

  • Well, i did back off and then he called. Then i called him. Then he called me. We went out again and again over the last weeks and have been getting closer than ever. Where it's going i don't know but it's looking and feeling really positive. I have no idea what that blip was about still.

  • Keep us posted Introtouch.. My Virgo does same blank outs quite often.. and always comes back..

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  • Earth signs like Virgo, Taurus and Capricorn dislike messy emotional situations and scenes. If you want your Virgoan to stick around, don't weigh him down with too much emphasis on feelings - talking about them ad finitum, acting them out, or asking him about how HE feels. Just use your actions (hugging, smiling, laughing, stroking, all forms of touching) to show your love and affection for him, and don't expect him to tell you how he feels about you - watch how he treats you - that is the more reliable way to tell how an Earth sign feels about you. .

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