Gay Sagitarrian with a Gay Scorpio

  • Hi All,

    First let me say I am new here, and I probably should have introduced myself in the introduction forum, but I have a lot on my mind and it's time to get it off my chest. I have dated only one scorpio man in the past, and I made the mistake of cheating on him when he was out of town. When he got back, I tried to apologize to him because I was truly sorry, but he wouldn't hear it. He asked me to get the **** out of his house and never talk to him, and I pretty much never heard from him again. Well I'll be darned if I ever lie to a Scorpio again or cheat on them lol.

    Anyways, on to the current situation. I met a cute guy on an online dating website here in my city. We ended up talking for five hours via instant messenger (I stayed up from 1am-6am but it was soooo worth it) I had him over the next day, and we both agreed that we would only have *** if we really wanted to, as I had explained to him that when I have *** with someone it is more than just a hookup. I want to be sure that I'm going to see the person again before I actually invest time in them. He felt the same as me, and said he would only have sex if he wanted to/felt comfortable with me. I will tell you that it was the most AMAZING time in the bedroom ever. Oh my gosh lol! But again, we did it because we both wanted to. Anyways, I texted him on the way to public transit and asked him if he made it to the train ok. (This was after hanging out for the day) He said he did. Then I apologized and told him I was sorry that all we did was have *** but that it seemed from the conversation we had the previous night that is what he wanted. I had set out swim trunks and movies in case we wanted to do any of that, but it turned sexual pretty quick when he got here. Anyways, he said not to worry about it and that he likes me. So, I text him yesterday at about 10AM, saying good morning, and I don't hear anything back from him until about 7PM that night, and it was something really stupid, he texted me something like "pickles" lol. Which is totally pointless and geeky but whatever, so I texted him back the same thing, "pickles". So then he asks me about 7:15PM what am I up to, and I answer right away, looking up horoscope signs. He immediately asks me if I'm checking up on his, to which I answered, I'll never tell. And he goes, why not? And so I said, "because" and he goes, "That makes sense." Then I text him and ask him how he's doing, how is work, what are you up to, and 2 and a half hours later I get a response and he just says "still working" which I get. I ask him how it's been and he says "meh" so then I was like, "I'm sorry, hugs" (that was at 9:45PM and he got off at 10) and then I text him two hours later at midnight asking if he was still up. Didn't get any response from him whatsoever and still haven't. So that is the long and short of it. Honestly, I really like this kid, but he is driving me crazy. This sounds like a classic case of a Scorpio being hot and cold. One minute he wants to talk to me, the next he doesn't respond at all. I have no idea if he is in to me or not, or if he is just playing mind games, but I am definitely in to him. Will I let him know it? Never! From what I understand Scorpio's like to be in control and they like to chase, so I'm doing the best I can to just ignore the fact that he is hot and cold with me. If I text him and he doesn't answer, I don't send ten more texts asking why he hasn't answered or what he's up to. I don't text him a lot, haven't at all today, and don't plan to today. Is this the right thing to do? Do I just wait for him to come around when he's good and ready, and let him call the shots? Also, do Scorpio's like to chase or be chased? I'm so confused! Thanks for reading my monologue and thanks for any help/insight you provide. I would just like to know what to do, because I am unsure how to proceed.

  • Wow, you quickly become obsessed with people, don't you? I can understand this guy finding it strange that someone he's just met is texting and phoning him every five minutes. Yes, you need to back off and give people some space. Not everyone moves as fast as you or wants to get involved so deeply so quickly. You have probably scared this guy with your demands for attention. Slow down and take it easy if you want this relationship to survive. Don't crowd people.

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