Scorpio girl in problems

  • Hey all,

    My scorpio is in Sun and moon, I have cancer rising. and my Mercury is in scorpio. My venus is in Sag. And my mars is also in cancer.

    I have a secret relation with someone who is also a scorpio, he is born on 14 november late scorps. Ok this is it, at heart we are on the same page but in real we are so far from eachother. He is so dominating but anyway he is my first person and took my virginity as wel.

    I feel so connected with him, but as well we had some much trouble. I cursed like a salesman. I wanted to hit him if it was real but mostly we argue on the internet or phone. I screamed and told bad things I swore at him. And after all 2 days ago we had really amazing love talk. he is alot older than me. I'm changed everything changed, but as well I get troubles with other people somehow, he always interfere.

    Still hopefull, I need to wait one year, like that and than I'm really free to be with him. I have no idea wat my parents think, or my friends. But still the distance between what is going in real and at heart are huge. So Anyone have any good advice to last longer and perhaps to make it easier for. I'm in this shit..

  • You sound as if you have been caught in the "he is my first "Trap.. I assume he did not force you to loose your virginity .. so lets look at it as you gave this to him..and try and reclaim some of you..and the intensity of that passion has just hooked into your sign ...Do you like the domination part...some people do ya know.. but at this point you might take a deep breath exhale and look around for a test drive some where else til your head and heart get clear of the "I MUST BE WITH HIM" If he has any real maturity he will understand a break to reassess...I am not underestimating how hard this might be ..but in the long run it might just be worth it..

  • Scorpios are emotional lovers. We seem to believe the fairytale that love will conquer all. It doesn't. A lot of Scorpio men are jealous and so are the women, insecure. You and he haven't matured. he maybe older but, he's not mature. Guys who get involved with much younger, innocient girls are controlling. problem is, as you start to get mature, your no longer fooled by them. Scorpios can be very sensual and romantic, telling you they love you at the right time, all the time. Great at the fantasy world. Sometimes it's the taboo of having the secret relationship that makes it hot. But, if your real world, day to day stuff , you don't agree on, it's not going to last. The way you two cuss and fight, you don't trust each other and Scorpios need to be trusted and need to trust their mates. you feel a loyalty to him because he was your first lover. I have had several lovers over the years and, I only keep one for years, even though I am free to date others and he may be doing some other females. That's just how Scorpios are, we are loyal even if that other person doesn't deserve it, we are being loyal to our emotions. I know from my own experience, that when I break off with a guy and my feelings go flat, I don't go back, Its because I admit to myself that the relationship really wasn't what I wanted but, while I was in it, I was working hard to keep it going. I feel if you break off with this guy, you won't go back because he's really not what you want, he doesn't fulfill your needs. You wouldn't cuss and scream and want to hit someone that you respect and that you feel good about. As soon as you start abusing someone or they abuse you, time to end it. Verbal abuse does as much damage as physical abuse. Since you want to know how to wait out the year and not be so frustrated, join something that your interested in. Take a class, dance class, swimming, volunteer at a care home, hospital, homeless shelter. Since I think your very young and living at home, Go help Grandma or some old person clean their house, do something for someone else, talk to older women that aren't related to you. Not to your friends because they are just as young and inexperienced as you! Do something so you don't have soo much time to dwell on this man. the more time you spend thinking about him, and he's not around, the more frustrated you become and the more time you have to build fantasies about a life with him and then your escaping reality and not living in the present. And not really looking at what's really going on! Your not the first and you won't be the last to experience this kind of drama.

  • @witchylady: Actually I'm doing things in real life, I have a job, I sport. He told me clearly about the virgin stuff that. If I'm with him I needed to make a commitment. Like some scorpios do it very easily with boys, I mean people in my near surroundings. I was insecure of losing it to someone. But at the same time if I said to him that "you know what I'm still that age, I want to wait like 4 more years or so" I don't know what would happen maybe I was just alone. Because its really hard for me to connect with someone at that lvl. Maybe we haven't matured or respected eachother, and we had our bad times. I tell him everything, my secrets, my doubts. what I want in life. I know what scorpios have extreme sides. They are maniplative, they are distrusting, they are indeed jealous. But after all the negative the sun shines as well. In bad moments I had told earlier, with other people. He is honest with me. And told me not to think about it or says "who cares". I'm a person that takes things personal even I have nothing to do with it or that person. He been a total a$$. He told me to be good with my family and to give them a chance, because I have some much trouble with friends, with relatives. At school friendships ended or mistrusted like that, gossip all kind of dirty stuff. And I tell you I'm not that innocent my self but I do care about what is important for me the most. I know that it sound weird to have a much older parther in life. And all kind of thoughts are rolling. But this what we have is at heart value. And to be loyal can be blind. He has a job, sometimes he is overworking. I see him, he nearly can open his eyes. And he had his own house, with a laptop and printer and everything. He takes care of his sister. He have a sister. I heard her talking on the phone. I don't know what I'm missing in the relation. Only that sometimes time is in my way..

    @2knowmeis2luvme: He is indeed controlling at some point, but he doesn't have certain expectations. He wants me to live my life he is not stalkerish in any kind. Only thing he hates if I would be with someone else and not telling him that. I lost my innocence to him. And he told me I need to choose. I choose to be with him, and I didn't know or expect he would be to good to be true. I've dealt with alot of feelings of hatred, I felt like being mistrusted, I was afraid. But somehow it just changed. He never abused me, I was the one getting so tempered. Only thing I couldn't stand was the mind games and things that just makes me angry. But he never call me bad stuff or anything, I was the one who just was angry at times. I think he is the brave one staying with me. He could leave 5 months ago or even earlier. things always changes..

    Now you say it I love swimming, I'm really a water animal. I love going to the beach. Last year I went on vacation twice was really fun.

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