How Does Mercury Affect Virgo Suns/Ascendants?

  • Virgo, as we all know, is ruled by Mercury. I am a Virgo Rising with Mercury in Leo and I am constantly told that I come across as a Leo more than a Virgo. Ironically, I really am like my Virgo Ascendant (which is 14.04 degrees Virgo) but, because I communicate so forcefully and passionately, people don't see that until they've gotten to know me (kind of counter intuitive for an Ascendant, I know). Leo is fixed and Virgo is mutable and they are in different elements, so I can imagine that contributes to my Leo burning my Virgo sometimes.

    What do you guys think? Does Mercury affect both Virgo Suns and Virgo Ascendants? If so, does it affect one more than the other?

  • Hmm…depending on the degree of your Mercury, it would either be in the 11th or 12th house. This will also add another dimension to it; include the aspects to your Mercury and the plot thickens even further. Since the Sun, Moon and Asc make up the big 3 in any individual’s chart then Mercury and its placements would affect both the Sun and Asc equally. Simplistically, Mercury is about your communication and thought processes; in Leo your style could be flamboyant and dramatic; in the 11th (for example) within the arena of friends, groups or organizations. I think since it's the Asc ruler, your public persona, this adds another dimension (along with Virgo-ness) which makes up the entire image that you project. Mercury as a ruler of the Sun, is equally important because the Sun is the core personality, so communication and cognitive functions are integrated with the ego even though it might not be on display. My thoughts…..

  • My Mercury is 16.59 degrees in Leo and it's in my 11th house (which, ironically is in Cancer) and my Sun is 24.17 degrees in Cancer and it's in my 12th house (which, also ironically is in Leo). I'm not really all that flamboyant in my speaking manner (although I can be a bit dramatic when I'm truly upset) but I do take great pride in my intellect (although that could also be contributed to by my Moon in Aquarius). I go back and forth between being really shy and quiet on a first impression (usually when I don't know anyone) and open and friendly on a first impression (usually when I know some people pretty well).

  • Also, Moon (Aquarius) opposite Mercury (Leo), Mercury square Mars (Taurus), Mercury opposite Saturn (Aquarius) and Mercury square Pluto (Scorpio). I forgot to mention that in my last post.

  • Of course, when I said flamboyant it was just an example. I haven’t seen your whole chart so I can’t say. Are you sure your Cancer Sun is in the 12th? Cancer can be shy at times, especially in an unfamiliar environment or with strangers, so when you say you go back and forth your Sun could account for that. It looks like you have a lot of aspects to your chart ruler. Moon oppose Mercury requires a balancing between the emotions and the intellect but with it being in Aquarius and Leo respectively, the coolness of the moon and fire of the mercury can balance each other out and along with Mercury square Pluto, you are a passionate speaker. A mercury square mars provides you with a good amount of energy for arduous tasks and while this aspect doesn’t mean you’ll persist with them, the fact that Mars is in Taurus leads me to believe you will be tenacious, but your Mercury square Pluto doesn’t like to be told to do it. Am I close? Does your Moon conjunct Saturn?

  • I know, I was just saying. I tried a different website and it said that my Sun is in my 11th House and I'm more inclined to agree with it because that makes more sense. That would make sense that my Sun would interfere with my Ascendant since its energy is stronger.

    Balancing my emotions and intellect can be really difficult. My tendency is to ignore my emotions (because really, what does being emotional do that is productive?) and trust my intellect. I would definitely agree that I am a passionate speaker - especially if what I'm talking about pertains to something that I'm enthusiastic about.

    I would absolutely agree to that assessment. If I'm going to do something, it's going to be on my terms. Period. I get very stubborn and I "dig in my heels," so to speak when someone tries to make me do something. The exception to that is while I'm at work; I still don't like being told to do things but I don't let it show and I just do what needs to be done. Yes, my Moon is conjunct my Saturn, to answer your question.

  • Ha…You’re a Cancer Sun in the 11th so that adds an Aquarian flavor to your Sun. I’m an Aquarius Sun in the 4th, so my Sun has a Cancerian flavor. With a Moon conjunct Saturn, your emotional self will be restrained or reserved.

  • That actually makes a lot of sense on both accounts and I agree to that. I've always related to Aquarius more than I related to Cancer, but I always contributed that to my Aquarius Moon and the fact that both of my parents are Aquarians. The 11th house is ruled by Aquarius, so that would make sense that my Sun would take on an Aquarian flavor. My Mercury and Venus are also in the 11th house, so do you think they are affected, too. I never would've thought that my Moon conjunct Saturn would have contributed to my emotional restraint. That's very interesting.

    How do you think that your Aquarius Sun is affected by being in the Fourth House? Also, do you think that the sign that the House is associated with and the aspect that it forms with the sign that the House is in affects the planet that is in the House? I've never thought about how the House would affect anything before, so this is all new to me.

  • As you already know, the exact time of birth is not only important in determining the angles it also determines the placement of the planets in the correct houses. Without it you can only get a generic view of a chart. I am told that if a trait is significant, you will see it at least 3 times in a chart. Your Moon is in Aquarius, it sits in the 11th house, your Asc ruler Mercury sits in the 11th along with your Venus. This is significant for you. Also look at aspects to Uranus; ruler of Aquarius and you might find even more.

    Although I’ve been told that the placement of my Sun is powerful, I only feel it in certain circumstances. Like there is an amount of sang froid in the most hair-raising incidents. I believe in individualism, I care about humanity (although I get disappointed); I am objective when it doesn’t concern my emotions. But, I have 2 other significant energies which are Cancer and Scorpio. In general, I have many acquaintances but very few close friends because I don’t let people in that readily and am very protective of my emotions. I protect and nurture family and close friends. I can be moody. My skin has thickened a bit over the years, but I’m still pretty sensitive. I need to feel rooted in a home, but still have the freedom to go and do what I want. I have a lot of water influences, which is in conflict with my detached singleton air Sun.

    I’m not sure what you’re describing but the house ruler and the placement/aspects of those rulers can also reveal more information. So, your Pisces descendant rules your 7th house, you would then look at Neptune’s placement and its aspects. Is this what you mean?

  • Sun (Cancer) opposite Uranus (Capricorn), Mars (Taurus) trine Uranus, Jupiter (Virgo) trine Uranus, Uranus conjunct Neptune, Uranus trine Ascendent (Virgo). <--Those are all of my aspects to Uranus.

    I can definitely relate to how your Aquarius vs. your Cancer affects you - I'm the same way with most of the things that you mentioned. I like how you phrased the need to be rooted in a home with the freedom to leave when you want to.

    What I meant was, the 11th House is ruled by Aquarius but in my chart, My 11th House is in Cancer. What I was trying to say was, do you think that the aspect between them (Aquarius inconjunct Cancer) affects anything?

    Sun opposite Neptune (Capricorn), Mars trine Neptune, Jupiter trine Neptune, Uranus conjunct Neptune, Neptune sextile Pluto (Scorpio) and Neptune trine Ascendent. <--Those are all of my aspects to Neptune. Does that affect anything?

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