Is anyone willing to do a reading?!?!

  • I am recently having some issues in my love and financial life and would love if someone could give me a reading. It would be greatly appreciated thank you!!!

  • Yes, I'll try and help you out. Be back.

  • thanks so much greatly appreciated

  • You have an interesting reading to me. You are seeking creativity, words, help as a solution to the problem. You have a better handle on what the creative approach is than me. Your reading is telling you to hold-out under pressure. You have been struggling against the odds. You are weighing many different options, you can be your own worst enemy regarding your future. There are many options open to you and actually this is a good time to seize the day. Shows you as a truthseeker and you've had to stand your ground. You like to do things your way. Your recent past has called you to use your integrity. Truth needed to be told. Your future looks very bright. At some point you'll realize that you have to cut thru the BS--you only know what this means. Shows you making the right and mature choice. Maybe you need to make the mature choice. You are being called to a higher purpose than your surroundings. Is telling me don't let economic times or your environment slow you down or discourage you. The future will challenge you, your current struggles will benefit you. Your mastery of your situation requires an authoritative edge--can you relate to this. You have to maintain a tough exterior to get to where you need to be. Outcome is great. Financial well-being possible.

  • PS forgot to add. You might be able to relate to this re your relationship however this is a general reading for you.

  • I can relate to all that you said, i'm currently going thru a situation that i need to make a very important decision and it does require me to cut through all the BS as you said. Thank you very much your advice was greatly appreciated!

    If you have anytime to do a relationship reading that would be great if not thats ok to 🙂

    thanks again


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