Gay son..sexually inhibited

  • my handsome, smart ,Aquarius gay son ..43 years old is afraid of being sexually involved,. he is socially aware of aids knows how to protect himself but just finds the whole gay scene false. i hate to see him go through his life without sex (love) . it is wonderful that he can open up to me with personal cares, but i don't know how to encourage him,except to tell him that if and when someone he really cares about comes into his life ...he will be so ready to share his love sexually. ii am open to kind, caring guidance.

  • Is he unhappy about his situation? Aquarians live more in their heads than down on earth. If it doesn;t bother him, there's no rule that says he cannot remain celibate. There is more to love than just sex. Your advice to him was good - he doesn't need any pressure put on him over this issue.

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