• I don't know if anyone can help me with some insight, but I would appreciate anything. I am in AZ visiting with my mom for six weeks with my two kids. My husband stayed behind in Miami FL because he had to work. When I left everything seemed ok like always, but he picked some girl up at a store two days after I got here. I know when I get back I have to go threw a divorce now and everything, but it is hard. I am really hurting. We have been married for five years and I have done so much for him. Also my grandfather is dying and I have been doing the best I can to help my mom with the situation. I don't know where to move or how to get out of the situation or what is going to happen. Deep down inside I hope this one week relationship he is having with this girl doesn't work. He could have at least waited until after I left to hook up with someone. I sorry for rampling but it has been rough. Any insight would be helpful so I don't feel so lost. Thank you.

  • You shouldn't have to move out of your home - kick the loser out instead. He was the one who betrayed you, after all. The affair is indicative of deeper issues in your marriage. Divorce the idiot and don't look back. If you give him a chance or let him get away with his behaviour, he will just keep on doing what he has been doing. There are plenty of nicer men in the world.

  • Thank you so much. That actually makes me feel a lot better. Thanks for the support.

  • firesign there is a book that publix supermarket has in its flyer section that is free & it is call florida divorce & custody guide (I give this book to my clients when helping them to file for divorce) and as the capt said you should not have to give up your home because of your husband. you can download the forms to start the process of the divorce from the clerk of courts website. what I also tell my clients is to take your time in filling out the forms especially the financial affidavits & parenting plan that florida requires if you need help with the forms let me know & I will help walk you through it

  • Thank you so much. I can't believe all the wonderful support I am being offered from coming to this site. You are all wonderful people.

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