Are Cancers More Like Their Moon Sign Than Their Sun Sign?

  • @Asia118X, I'm a Gemini Sun and Cancer Moon. I also know I'm a Sagittarius rising. I don't know much else about my chart.

  • @gstral, What is your birthday, birth time and birth place? I could look up your chart and tell you some things that it means if you'd like.

  • @CALLTV. That'd be great! My birthdate is June 16th, 1988 7:01AM in Kunming, China. 24°23'N 102°10'E if that helps! I once had someone explain it to me, but I didn't understand much of it. I don't really know what those angles and things mean. Thanks for your help!

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  • This post is deleted!

  • Thanks CALLTV for your reading. Being exactly one month away is kinda neat isn't it? I learned a lot more about my life and things are beginning to make more sense!

    On personal matters, my initial reaction is often quite emotional due to Cancer. When it comes to caring for others, this initial reaction is often intuitive and quite smart. However, when it comes to dealing with conflicts, my initial reaction is quite stupid. If I let the ideas sit for a while, Gemini comes through and incrementally plan things. When things are planned, they turn out much better.

    On non-personal things that affects my ego, Gemini kicks in and makes some very smart intuitive decisions. On all other matters that I'm not particularly interested in, sometimes work is in this category, I perform badly because neither Cancer nor Gemini is motivated.

    I agree that I have dependence and co-dependence issues. Recently, I broke up with my girlfriend (who is a Libra Sun, Aquarius Moon, and Cancer Rising). I tend to like contributing a lot to the relationship and the more I contribute, the more I become emotionally dependent on her gratification. She isn't very good at contributing to the relationship and we bicker about this imbalance. Over time, she gets very stressed about my arguments and the emotions. She tells me that I don't have to contribute as much and things will balance out. I'm not good at backing off, so the rest is history. I do have this ideal notion of love and I find obtaining it difficult.

    I pride myself in doing new things, but I tend to avoid unfamiliarity. For example, if I were introduced to somebody, I would have no problem conversing. Approaching new people or new activities on my own is difficult and I lack the motivation to start something out and sticking it out. I tend to prefer to start something with a group of people. I tend to become fainthearted on matters I'm not emotionally attached to but am just trying out. If I were to reach an obstacle, I revert to doing things that I'm used to doing. However, if this new thing is successful, it boosts my ego and becomes a tried and true endeavor.

    I like talking. I feel that everything can be explained and resolved through a conversation and no conflicts is an obstacle if all the facts are brought to the table. I take a roundabout approach to saying things, often alluding to motivations, examples and analogies before arriving at point of the discussion. As a result, talking to me tend to be tiring. I do try to make a point and maintain substance in my speech. Silence annoys me so I tend to try to find new things to talk about. I need to rectify this.

    I like helping people out and find charity noble. However, I am reluctant to give a significant charitable contributions.

    I like to help the underdog and take the stance of the misunderstood. I find it fun to understand and analyze social interactions. If I end up at a disagreement, I am still happy to learn about the opposite side of the story and am happy to agree to disagree.

    I don't really identify with having an isolated career because I lack individual persistence.

    Overall, your reading is really accurate and explains a lot of my personal life. Could you comment on how some of the above problems should be dealt with considering my chart?

  • I don't know why but my post got deleted. Oh well, I'll go off of what you said in your message.

    When I said you'd be good in an isolated career, I didn't mean that you would not be around people. I just meant things like working in a laboratory or something would suit you well.

    There's really no amount of advice that I could give you that would provoke a change in you because I'm not you - I don't have the same struggles as you do. I would recommend trying different things out. If you feel your reacting to something emotionally, stop for a minute and rationalize before you act on your reaction. Don't be afraid to fail - just think of it as a learning experience. I wish you the best of luck on your endeavors.

    Peace and love, CALLTV

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