Are Cancers More Like Their Moon Sign Than Their Sun Sign?

  • Cancer, as we all know, is ruled by the Moon. I am a Cancer Sun with Moon in Aquarius and, although I identify with characteristics of both signs, I find that I relate more to and act like an Aquarius more than a Cancer. I'm not overemotional or clingy (in fact, I find those traits to be very unappealing and counterproductive), I'm quite logical and objective, my personal freedom is one of the most important things to me, I pride myself on being a unique human being who does the unexpected, I am very set in my ways and I am very opinionated.

    What do you guys think? Do you think that a Cancer embodies his Moon sign more than his Sun sign?

  • I'm a Gemini Sun and a Cancer Moon. I tend identify with Cancer more than with Gemini. I get all the overemotional and clingy traits which I I don't really like. However, I'm don't feel that I need very much personal space nor do I dislike being around people. Being social, logical and having an objective are all important to me. When some event is nothing personal, Gemini handles everything fine. Whenever I emotions become involved, Cancer comes and messes everything up. I do have to agree with you that Cancer is strong at home.

  • I think moon embodies your emotions and deep thoughts and your sun sign is your true personality. Hoope Ihelped 🙂

  • Gstral, what a fascinating combination you have! That must pose some interesting challenges in your life but I think it's brilliant how you chose to use each sign. Gemini is mutable and Cancer is cardinal, so I wonder if that contributes to you identifying with Cancer more than Gemini. That would make sense for me because Cancer is cardinal and Aquarius is fixed. Or, perhaps the Moon plays a stronger role than the Sun. Emotions trump Ego maybe? I suppose there are a multitude of reasons as to why that is.

    On a random side note, when I tried writing your username, autocorrect tried typing "astral" instead. Was that deliberate when you chose your name on here? If so, I love it! =D

  • Asia118X, so you think that the Sun overpowers the Moon then?

  • I dont know I think its a mix of both because all componets help shape ones perspective and personality. Like I have some aspects of my Taurus sign but I definetly see where I come off as and act like a Sagittarius (my rising sign-what the world sees me as) but I know I share many aspects of my moon sign Cancer (I very passion and deep with my emotions).

  • That's a very good point - all components of the natal chart shape a personality. I'm a Virgo Rising, so maybe that contributes as well to why I don't identify as much with my Cancer side as I do with my Aquarius side - Virgo and Aquarius are very mental signs. You also have a very interesting combination with a fixed Sun, cardinal Moon and mutable Rising Sign and all of them in different elements.

    I have a follow up question for you guys: since you are both Cancer Moons, do you find that you have the same sensitivity to the passing of the moon that Cancer Suns do?

  • Yes maybe even more at times lol and I know-I have a pretty complex yet explosive combination of elements in my chart lol

  • And yes you ar right I believe my brother has a Virgo rising and he is an Aquarius-Very smart, brilliant guy lol hes my little brother he already has aspirations of going to Harvard and he's only 7!

  • That would make sense for Cancer Moons to be more sensitive to it than Cancer Suns. I know that I am very sensitive to powerful moon placements (ie: Full Moon in Scorpio) and void lunar cycles but those are the only times I can't control my emotions. What is the rest of your chart like?

    That's very ambitious for your little brother but good for him! Virgo Rising ftw! =D

  • Lol thanks for the little brother comment and Im sure you will do well yourself 🙂 Well I know I have a Pluto in Scorpio Mars and Mercury in Aries Venus in Taurus and I will update you on the others once I remember it.

  • Thank you! I'm sure you will, too! =D

    I can definitely see how your chart would be pretty explosive then. You and I must be in the same generation because I also have Pluto in Scorpio. My username is actually an acronym for the major planets in my chart: Cancer Sun, Aquarius Moon, Mercury in Leo, Venus in Leo, Mars in Taurus and Virgo Rising.


    I am an Aquarius Sun and Cancer Moon. I do find myself to be overly emotional (the tears flow from nowhere). I easily attach, but my Aqua side also allows me to unattach easily. IE: after a 15year marriage, I was mentally good and could leave the past as the past within a month or two.

    My heart and mind conflict on a daily basis, and more times than not I go with logic to make decisions~and I then become passionate about those decisions. I certainly see where the two have great power to work together for balance, but it is a constant struggle for me.

  • My dad has the exact same placement as you do, aqua2378, although he doesn't use it to his advantage. That's incredible that you were able to leave the past in the past after such a long attachment - most Cancer Moons (from what I've read) have a really hard time doing that. I can imagine those few months were very difficult and I'm sorry.

    I can definitely relate to the conflict of heart and mind on a daily basis and I agree that it really is a constant power struggle. The joys of having fixed energy competing with cardinal energy - it certainly makes things interesting.

    Follow up question: do you think that Cancer Moons are sensitive to the passing of the moon like Cancer Suns are? If so, do you think Cancer Moons feel it more or less than Cancer Suns?

  • Aqua2378, how do you deal with the conflicts between Aquarius and Cancer? I'm a Gemini Sun, Cancer Moon and I'm dealing with my conflicts quite badly...

  • @CALLTV, Gstral was a username created just for this forum, but sadly I didn't consider this coincidence. I should have claimed it though!

    For me, emotion almost always trumps ego, but I often find emotion steps in to defend my decisions made based on my ego! My emotions can hold on to old decisions that no longer aligns with my ego. This stubbornness is something that I want to change.

    I'm looking to find better coordination between my Gemini and Cancer so that both can be happy. Any suggestions?

  • You have Gemini and Cancer in your chart? What are their placements?

  • Gstral, what a great coincidence, though! What does it actually mean? Or is it just random for this forum?

    Cancer (being a cardinal energy) will always be more forceful than Gemini (a mutable energy), so that would make sense that your emotions could trump your ego. It also makes sense that your emotions could cling to old decisions making them hard to let go of (that's definitely a Cancer trait right now). In my opinion, I think Cancer is more stubborn than most astrologists give it credit for (although I have a LOT of fixed energy in my chart, so that may not be true for others). What does the rest of your chart look like?

    i can definitely relate to having a difficult time striking balance with my water sign and my air sign - it can be REALLY difficult. To answer your question, I had a roommate who was on the Cusp of Magic (Gemini/Cancer cusp) and some of the things that she would do I think would apply to a Gemini Sun/Cancer Moon. She and I are both musicians (that's actually how we met) and she and I both are attracted to music because it requires logic (music theory, specifically, but also in reading music) and emotion (to interpret and "add style" so to speak to the notes on the page). That might be a great outlet for you to balance your Gemini and Cancer energy. Also, drawing, writing poetry - really anything that you can channel your mind, emotions and creativity into - would be good for you to keep the two energies in balance. Also, spiritual activities such as yoga and meditation could also help you strike an internal balance of your emotions and your intellect. Hopefully these things help you out. 😃

  • CALLTV: My daughter is a Cancer sun with a Scorpio moon. And as I mentioned I am an Aqua with Cancer moon. With Cancer at home in the moon position, I say Cancer moon's are more emotional. And I actually posted on here a week or so ago about needing help focusing on where the moon is at any given time and trying to anticipate where my heart might be that day. I find myself to be very sparatic with my emotions and how I feel on a daily basis about any given thing.

    My daughter has always been very layed back. In fact, I can cry at a commercial and she looks at me like I'm crazy and ask "what is so emotional about this"? She just turned 10 and has always seemed to be able to understand things on deeper levels. She was 6 when my aunt passed away. She stands at the casket and with no tears in her eyes; tells everyone “she will be the prettiest thing at the grave yard." Sweet as can be, she is~but doesn't feel as deep as I do.

    gstrel: This is all just opinion: I love Gemini's! They are very intellegent usually, love to talk, and are inquisitive and witty. I do find that they seem to change their mind often (and this is without help from the rest of their chart). Maybe they second guess themselves or don't trust enough, I'm not totally sure. Combining this with a Cancer moon I think would be tough as well. My hardest thing is taking the time to think before I make a decision. Being an Aquarian brings my spontanious and rebellion side out. When I make decisions in this state, they usually backfire on me. Taking the time to think deep about all options helps. Making sure I fell the same way in a few days, helps. . As I mentioned to CALLTV, I think the change in moon position greatly affects us. I am also in the process of working with my mom on knowing my exact time of birth so I can find out exactly what house my moon is in. I think this will help me figure out what subject in my life I am most emotional about.

    Oh, and CALLTV….I used to be very much into the music and arts as well. Music came very natural to me. Then I went off and got married, lol.

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