Why is there so much CHAOS in the world today ?

  • And why is there so much imbalance here in our world right now. As many of you can clearly

    see, we are all dealing with some very challenging and compromising issues today. In America

    and other parts of the world, we are dealing with a depression. It is something that is out of

    the ordinary for most of us. In these days and times, we are in what philosophers call this the

    End Of Days. This is the era of trials and tribulations. People are out here committing adultery,

    killing, stealing, lying, cheating, backbitting, robbing others of the joy that they soley deserve.

    Things are not the same anymore. The world has changed, and in some cases, it has changed

    for the absolute worst. Is this a war between good and evil ? Is this all just a coincidence ?

    Is this a sign that we all need to set our priorities in life a little bit higher and discover something

    that has never been discovered before. Are we missing something here ? Things are really

    bad right now and people are losing their edge, their identity, their self respect, their pride, and

    their dignity. Humanity has been altered but the worst is yet to come. We know that things

    will get better one day, but the question is when. Do you understand what I am saying here today ?

  • I understand what you are saying but, from my perspective, things have never been so good and everything is occurring as it should. The world was going down the toilet fast - big changes were necessary in order to 'wake up' those who were asleep and unaware. I believe that the best, not the worst, is yet to come.

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