• Hi Shuabby, Always looking to see if you answer someone to know if you there or not. Hope you have been well and happy where you and Cat are now. If you can please, I will really appreaciate it if you can tell me? My husband wants to start a new bussines together with a work associate, but they are looking for finance. Do you think they will get it and do you think it is a good thing? Will they make it? He is not very happy where he is at present, and really set on leaving.

    Anyway so nice to see you back sometimes as I really miss having you around the forum, and sure I speak for a LOT of others as well. God be with you and talk soon.

    God Bless

  • Hello Chappies,

    Yes am settlling in with my husband and cat, the cat did not fancy the long car ride to TX , I had to give her extra TLC. She loves it here in the house I have not seen her that happy in several years. She was born in TX and now back to her roots.

    In answer to your question. I got a NO answer to the first try at finance , but spirit says to tell your husband not to give up on this new business ideal. He will have the new business but it may take longer than expected and he may start with this partner but when the business is up and running than he will welcome another man in and the first man will leave. I see a green door here very clearly, as if the door goes into the business that will be opened. The door has two small windows at the top of it and the office area is mostly brown and I see dirt floors in one room, however this is a beginning business and will grow is what I'm being told as your husband will be lead by spirit as to how and when to expand and he is gifted at what he does and spirit see's this and his Aunt is happy for him I am told to say. Your family will be feeling very blessed by Christmas time .

    As always Chappies , it is good to hear from you.


  • O Shuabby sooooo happy to hear from you! And so glad that you are happy in TX (Texas I presume?) being from SA dont really know the abreviations over there? And yes I always tell my kids "Never forget your roots" 😉 so maybe thats why cat is happy.;-) Firstly - Thank you so much for giving me some of your time I really appreciate it. Well, you say NO to the 1st try for finance? He went to see someone this week waiting for an answer. I like the green door - the office area that you are seeing is yes mostly brown he works with wood and the dirt floors is lots of SAWDUST! Rudi is a carpenter by trade but wants to start making doors for the building industry here and there is a huge potential and demand. And yes he is gifted. His Aunt? The only one I can think of is the one that always looked at him with amazement and told him how proud she is of him. Aunty Sus we use to call her. She loved him to bits! As for Christmas, you know I feel blessed ALL the time but yes between the kids and I we have been and still are going through a bit of a rough time but blessed we are to have each other. I always tell them there are people with less than we have so we have to be gratefull and help each other where we can. Just to let you know as well, Markus's eye is doing sooo well thank the Lord, Wayne is off the drugs and doing so well as well. (Dont know if I told you about him - My eldest son, and we found out about his habit a couple of months ago) So tryng very hard to keep him on the straight and narrow and VERY DIFFICULT! Got to take it 1 day at a time suppose, but it hurts - for him and me and we dont see eye to eye regarding, but just have to keep praying and believe all will be well.

    Gosh, I am writing a BOOK here it is so nice to talk to you again! I am missing our chats! Better come back PLEASE PLEASE 😉 I sure miss you being here.

    Well, better let you go, you must be so busy and please if there is anything else I need to kwow please let me know and to your spirits a very big thank you as well.

    Shuabby God Bless and be well my friend (Give cat a hug from me 😉 )

    Hope we talk soon again

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